Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Running in a winter wonderland

We had about another four inches of snow in the early hours of yesterday morning so there was a reasonable accumulation. Walking wasn't that great - a mix of fresh snow, compacted snow, lumpy ice and slush on the roads.

Managed to get out for a fairly early six miles in the largely virgin snow. Its nice to have all the right gear: Helly Hansen L/S base layer, Gore tights, shorts, gloves, Gore hat, Gore windproof jacket and Innov8 GTX shoes. I don't normally bother with shorts over tights - I can't help but think the fellas that do that are either very insecure or just want to look like footballers - but if I took my hat or gloves off the only place to put them would be down the tights so best to cover them up yesterday!

It was the first time I'd worn the jacket. I got it in the Sweatshop sale at the start of the summer: not cheap at about £70 but reduced from £140 and excellent quality. Its not waterproof but is windproof so ideal for conditions like yesterday. The shoes also came into their own. The grip is about as good as you can get and the Goretex fabric meant my feet stayed dry and therefore warm.

The run itself was hard work. I ran along the road to the woods and then on to a park and around the lake. Even with the rubber studs on the shoes there was still a tendency to slip slightly in the snow with every stride. Navigating wasn't so good either as in the woods everywhere looked the same. However, everything looked beautiful - the woods could have been a forest in eastern Europe and running beneath the heavily snow laden overhanging trees round the lake was absolutely lovely (think Narnia).

Didn't see another runner at all but did get told by two ladies out dog walking that I deserved a round of applause. Not that I got one. Its the thought that counts I suppose.

Diet also going fine - just a little ahead of 'target' so about where I'd expect.

Wednesday is hill training but I may have to go to the gym for that as running fast up snow and ice covered hills would be stupid to even attempt.

More snow forecast for today and tomorrow but then dry for the weekend (though it wont get above freezing). Ice should make Sunday's 12 miler interesting as that's a recce of a hilly route forming part of the Calderdale Way Relay for the week after.


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

I think people who don't like running in winter just haven't found the right gear. I also think shorts over tights helps keep your core warmer, and every little has to help in this weather, right?

I can't help but think that attempting the hills on Wednesday would be funny, but that's an idiot thought!

runningcupcake said...

I think the more layers the merrier-plus the more layers, the more pockets for tissues! Plus shorts help keep the cheeks warmer :)