Thursday, 16 December 2010

Feeling smug

Yesterday's run was hill repeats, cut back week style: 4.7 miles with just 4 x 120s hills @ 6.40 mile pace. Only problem was the hill was a bit short so it turned into 4 x 90s but I did run the hills a few seconds faster than the target pace. I must say I found the cut back to 4 intervals felt pleasantly short and whilst they repeats were far from easy I felt strong and powerful (though I recognise that such things are like a Norfolk courtship*).

No run today, as Thursday is cross training day, so I got to the gym for 6.30am and did 45 minutes on a cross trainer. I quite enjoyed that, and having got into the habit of being asleep by 9.30 most nights I find getting to the gym early easy and enjoyable.

Food intake was fine yesterday, and largely courtesy of Marksies and Costa coffee: skinny gingerbread lattes, vegetarian sushi, prawn sandwiches and egg & watercress sandwiches and a couple of bags of pretzels amongst other things.

I didn't get home until about 9pm and only added my intake onto WLR after getting into bed and found I was 270 odd kcals under target. That probably contributed to yet another fall on the scales but I deliberately had a couple of homemade mince pies this evening to take me over by 300 to balance.

I can definitely see a loss in the mirror, feel it in my jeans and find the belt appreciably looser. Only 1.2lb shy of 12st now.

Five miles tomorrow with 4 x 2 minute intervals at 6:40 pace. A doddle though I may need to do them on the dreadmill as it's pretty icy now.

Anyone got much snow yet?

*i.e. entirely relative


Laura said...

The snow hasn't really hit us yet, we had some but it didn't settle. It's really, really bitterly cold outside though... I might be being a slight wimp there but my hands went numb through my gloves coming home from work at 10pm tonight!

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

It's amazing how when things are on an even keel food intake just balances itself out naturally. I guess that's one's appetite!

Btw, I'm relying on your blog for on-the-ground reports of the weather up in Yorkshire. I'm terrified I'm going to get snowed in there for about a fortnight. It'd be a nightmare!