Tuesday, 7 December 2010


What's this? Two blog entries in a single day?

Afraid so. Seeing Jo's latest entry on surviving Christmas got me thinking about how I'm planning on tackling it so, for the record, here goes.

First up, I expect to gain over Christmas. Its unavoidable.

I know there will be all sorts of foods to pick at from peanuts, Kettle Chips and Bombay mix to dates, and tins of Quality Street. I'd also expect to get something of a chocolaty/sweet variety as a present. Then there's Christmas dinner (which will be replicated on Boxing Day) where copious consumption will be the order of the day and even items like the veg will be smothered in calorie laden butter. New Year's Eve will mean a hefty curry...an evening at the pantomime will probably be followed by a meal out...then there's the cheeses, the trifle, party foods, mince pies, brandy butter, cream, custard, Christmas cake...

...so, the plan (only to limit the damage) is:

1) Diet up to the evening of the 24th and make sure I'm straight back on the waggon by the 2nd/3rd January.

2) Try to get under 12st by Christmas Eve so there's some loss 'in the bank'.

3) Try and have a couple of days between Christmas and New Year where I don't gain, just maintain.

4) Keep up the running throughout in order to burn a bit of excess off. That'll include 6 miles on Christmas Eve, the same on Christmas Day and 12 miles including a 7.5 mile race on Boxing Day.

5) Try not to buy too much food. That's a toughie as I usually do, and if its there I'll eat it, but I'll try.

6) Not worry and enjoy it - I know that a quick gain over Christmas will be matched by a quick loss as soon as I start counting again.

Sound like a plan?


BabyWilt said...

I'm focusing on that as well .... It is only a few days .... don't stop exercising and all will be well in the new year .... she says confidently :-)

runningcupcake said...

I think that you have to be realistic- keeping up with exercise is a must (and maybe having family walks as well as the runs etc to add a few more cals to the bank), plus I think deciding in advance what "treats" to enjoy and what to leave. Eg, I could take or leave crisps, so I am going to leave them. But I love christmas cake so I will enjoy a few slices over the holidays :)

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

I think (4) and (6) are the key. That and accepting that with due focus, any weight that you do gain can be lost again :)

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