Monday, 27 December 2010


Yes ugggggghhhhhhh. That's my noise of the day. Whilst being gluttony induced, thankfully the noise is only being produced from the facial orifice rather than anything further south.
So far anyway.

A ridiculous quantity of chocolates, cheese, nuts and crisps have been picked at the last few days leaving me feeling tired, sluggish and queasy yet I'm still picking away. Good old Christmas excess!

Best do a recap of the last week - its not been a bad one really - before a brief resume of Christmas:

Tuesday 21st

Pretty good diet and a 7.42 mile base pace run with 2 x 2 of drills. Ran from home, rather hilly and 8.43 average pace.

Wednesday 22nd

Weighed in at 11st 13.6lb - hitting the Christmas target. Tried to take advantage of a quiet afternoon work wise with a late afternoon trip to the gym but had to abort it after 1.65 miles on the treadmill as all hell broke loose with work forcing a hurried return home.

Thursday 23rd

Officially the first day of leave but I must have had a dozen phone conversations, plus email correspondence in the morning. Went back to the gym and did 8 x 0.25m intervals at 6.40 pace with 1.5 miles at 8.40 a mile either side of them. Followed that with core exercises and a brief swim before heading home to make the Christmas pudding, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Friday 24th

Walked to the gym at 7am to do long intervals session: 2 x 1.5 miles at 8.30 pace sandwiching 2 x 1.00 miles at 7.05 pace. Core work, weights and swim followed before a latte and read of the paper. Back home to cook and clean. Next sat down at about 6pm. Shattered. Up until late waiting to put the presents out - closed my eyes at 11.59pm.

Saturday 25th

And opened them again at 6.03am when the kids awoke. Did the presents, skipped breakfast and went for a run at 9am straight after putting the turkey in. 5.36 miles at 8.33 pace. Home again to cook the dinner. Ready by 1.30pm by which time I was too knackered to enjoy it - same as every year. Fell asleep on the sofa after watching Doctor Who.

Sunday 26th

Out early-ish for the endurance run along the frozen canal (frozen enough that I went past one guy riding his bike along it and a family that let their 2 kids walk along it). After the previous day's excesses the stomach felt rather uneasy through the run and I felt sluggish. 13.14 miles at 8.40 pace. Macabre point of trivia: my turnaround point was by the bridge where they found the chopped up remains of the 'crossbow killer's' victims in the summer.

Christmas day itself went well. The kids were delighted with their presents and I was pretty pleased with mine:

  • A snood, shirt, Paul Weller dvd/cd, Madness cd all bought by me for me......yes, I know.

  • A box of chocolates from Bethan.

  • From Sue a slotted spoon, oven gloves, dried fruits, chilli & lime chocolate, a box of Turkish delight and (best of all) a vegetarian Indian cookbook (pictured above). I'm doing a very plain curry and rice from that tonight.

Strangest of all was my gift from the parents. A wine bottle holder in the shape of a badly finished (and dangerously sharp) metallic knight.

Obviously just what a teetotal son who has never expressed any interest in heraldic or metallic art would dream of for Christmas. Every year its the same - some cheap, totally inappropriate shit they've picked up from a charity shop. Generally its things they've bought for themselves, later recognised as tat and then use it as presents for their sons, daughters in law and grand kids. Bethan got 2 tam-o-shanter hats whose lack of labels and mothball odour mark them as things my mam bought for herself sometime in the past but realised she didn't like and has then wrapped as a present.

Its offensive really. I wish they just wouldn't bother getting anything. In plain speaking Yorkshire manner I didn't mince my words in expressing this.

Was I wrong?

Food wise I did the same as every year. Made far too much, bought far too much, tried to do far too much. I've eaten an enormous amount but can't truly say I've really enjoyed any of it, daft though that might sound. Its part that the quantity over faced me and part that in doing so much I'm too worn out and stressed. That's not to say it isn't worth it as Sue and the kids clearly enjoyed theirs. Next year I'll go back to curry and just do 2-3 good ones in advance and reheat them on the day along with freshly made rice and some freshly prepared salad and pickles. That would be far better. In 10 months time remind me I said that!

Anyone have similar traits at Christmas or can you all operate with a little more balance and so enjoy your food?


Maria said...

I am super impressed that you made your own christmas pudding! And well done on keeping up with the running, especially on christmas day. I am normally fine during christmas, but it is when I see cheap things (eg christmas cake) in the supermarkets in january that I get tempted. Weird, seeing as by that point I am normally fed up, but it is the thought that it is my last chance before next christmas!

tam said...

Dito on the eating to much I went over board this year! Back on the healthy eating now though!

AlisonM said...

I actually managed to not go overboard this year. I think the fact that we were away helped -- we meal-planned beforehand and only made (and transported) as much as we needed. The travelling also helped confine the xmas period to 3 days too. A great tip IMO! It sounds like you did a great job for Sue and the kids though. And a few days of feeling crap will soon be a distant memory. Your running is going great from what I can tell, so in the longer term this won't even really register as a blip.

Hope you make it out walking btw. It really was beautiful up around RHB.

RoseC said...

I'm incredibly impressed with the amount of training you've got in, even if you did eat (nearly) as much as me.... I'm now in that do I stop right now or do I just eat all the rubbish and get it out the way place!

Oh and I take your knight bottle holder and raise you the motorbike riding one that we got given!!! It's still in its box in the back of my car and I have NO idea what to do with was given in good faith though so don't want to upset the 'giver'!

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