Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ouch that hurts...pass the butter please

Sunday's run left a couple of muscles feeling pretty sore yesterday. Mainly anterior tibialis.

The AT is a muscle that dorsiflexes the foot and also assists in ankle stability. My guess is a longish, hard-ish run on Sunday on a very uneven and often slippy surface just tired them out.

Gave them a bit of a rub last night but still feel a bit sore today. A run later might help loosen them up but I'll give them a good rub a few times too.

Pecs and triceps still sore since Saturday too. I did 3 sets of barbell chest presses - for the first time since July - on Saturday so I guess that was predictable.

The aches contributed to my over eating yesterday.

It was a rest day so I needed to be pretty frugal to stay within limits. I'd done this successfully by 5pm and was planning basa, oven chips and mushy peas for tea (OK its not high class cuisine but it ticked the 'quick and easy as we haven't been to the supermarket for 8 days' box). Trouble was Sue decided to stay on at work for half an hour doing some prep work, which meant she also hit rush hour and was about an hour late.

With aching muscles, hunger and two kids asking when mum would be home I hit the bread. Half a dozen slices later she was home but by then I didn't really fancy a full meal (and discovered there wasn't enough oven chips for more than one anyway). I had a cheese and onion toastie, and 3 homemade ginger biscuits and a yoghurt. Oh, and a couple of slices of toast later too...

On the plus side the calories probably wont have done me any harm in terms of recovery but they'll have made the week far harder. Lets see where I get to by Friday though.


runningcupcake said...

I reckon just make more butter for your christmas day practise :)
Like you say, you probably needed the food to help you recover.

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

It can be really miserable being sore sometimes. Especially if it makes walking difficult. I know the snow makes things difficult right now, but maybe in future plan some elaborate / treat-style meals for rest days, to keep from boredom eating?

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