Saturday, 18 December 2010

Its working!

Happy weekend.

A modest but un-forecast covering of snow here so the planned travel down to the east midlands is postponed until after Christmas. The forecast is fair but it seems changeable and unreliable.

Yesterday was intervals, again cut back stylee, so 5 miles including 4 x 2 mins @ 6.45 pace. In the event I was a wee bit faster than that without if feeling unduly difficult. Equally the rest of the run was done slightly faster than prescribed base pace.

That fits with the feeling this week that I'm getting a bit brisker without trying. Part of that will be down to the stability and gait work as I'm learning to propriocept a good gait now with a fair degree of consistency; part will be down to the intervals and speed sessions, some could be down to the lower intensity this week but I suspect much is down to the weight loss.

The programme suggests that in each training cycle you can expect to drop 4 -6 levels so I'm probably naturally dropping the first. Very loose plan is to drop 4 in total. Interestingly that would point to a marathon time comfortably under 3:15 which seems a big drop. We'll have to see.

Diet not so good yesterday. By the time I got to the evening I had over 600 kcals 'spare' but got the kids a meal from KFC on the way home from the cinema and whilst I had a salad I also picked at theirs and had a mince pie. Net result: Over 500 over! Not too worried by that though as I'd dropped to precisely 12st yesterday.

That was the 3rd time I'd been to a KFC in my life. The last 2 times it was still called Kentucky Fried Chicken. My impressions haven't changed. If you have a hankering for deep fried, hideously coated bony chicken then its a winner. Otherwise steer clear.

Off to the gym later to do resistance exercises and have a 5 mile run on the dreadmill, then I'll take Charlotte for a swim. Before then a little snow clearing may be in order.


Maria said...

Great news on getting faster :)

tam said...

Hey Rob the cherry protein oats are a total winner so thought you might like the recipe:

1/3 c oats
2tbsp pea protein
1.5 tsp cocoa
pinch of stevia
enough milk to make mixture moist
Frozen cherries

Put everything in a pot and mix, then leave in the fridge over night. In the morning add any fruit, I went for frozen cherries which had defrosted by the time I got to eat my breakfast.

Hope this is of some use : )

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