Sunday, 5 December 2010

So good

I wanted a good weekend and I'm half way through and on track so far.

Friday's trip to the gym was successful if tedious. It was six miles at about 8.45 pace with 6 x 90s at 6.45 pace. In itself that was fine, its just that being in the same place for 50 minutes, running in a warm gym isn't fun. I really need to start remembering my iPod. There are TV screens but the 3 nearest me were showing X-factor hits videos, Sky News and a boxing magazine programme. The boxing and news were useless as there was no sound. On the up side at least there was no sound for the X-factor stuff either. I should count my blessings.

I've been enjoying the walk to and from the gym in the dark through the snow. Its probably only 1.75 miles as the round trip but alot of it is across a golf course with lake, fountain and hills all looking good in the snow. Also been enjoying a post exercise latte as they do Costa coffees at the gym bar. Sadly they don't do gingerbread syrup but caramel is a reasonable substitute.

Yesterday I changed my routine slightly and ran outdoors for 6 miles in the morning rather than saving it for the gym in the afternoon. It was a 'base pace' run so doable in the snow/ice/slush. Very tiring though as the thick slush was very hard work and speed dropped right back to nearly 10 minute miles.

After snow clearing (oh my back) it was off to the gym in the afternoon where I did 20 minutes on the cross trainer, core exercises and some chest presses with a barbell. Going to try to do a simple upper body weights session once a week. Brief swim afterwards then more coffee.

That gave a leftover calorie glut yesterday but a homemade pork & mushroom stroganoff with brown rice and peas disappointingly wiped that out in one fell swoop. Nice though :).

This morning I'm meeting a guy from the running club and we're heading off to 'recce' leg six of the Calderdale Way Relay route which we're racing next week - so 12 hilly miles in the snow and ice to come!

That'll take much of the day as we need to drive to Halifax, leave a car then drive to Bradford before running back to Halifax and driving to Bradford...its all a question of logistics.

Should still have time to do a smidgen of 'cooking'. I'm doing the flavoured butters for Christmas dinner. Yesterday I did the parsley/lemon/garlic one for the peas, and the anchovy/rosemary/lemon zest one for the purple sprouting broccoli. Today will be the sage/chestnut/pancetta one for the sprouts and the orange/cumin/thyme one for the carrots. They really lift each veg beautifully.

Talking of veg (and Christmas dinner) I've added another dish to my menu: creamed corn. Its apparently popular at thanks giving, very simple and I thought I'd give it a whirl. Any of those familiar with the foods of the colonies tried it?


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

No gingerbread syrup? They need to get their shit together! I love a flavoured coffee after a tough workout though. Apparently there's even some nutrition science behind it, but really that's redundant when we're talking gingerbread lattes. Who needs an excuse..

We didn't have creamed corn for thanksgiving. It doesn't appeal to me, but then the idea of corn never does, until I actually eat it, and then I really enjoy it.

Enjoy the run today. It's a sign that I'm missing running that I envy you yout LSR logistical planning...

runningcupcake said...

Gingerbread latte sounds good, shame it has to have coffee in it!
Enjoy the run too :)
Never had creamed corn- I love normal sweetcorn but am not a fan of creamy things generally. I think I saw Jamie Oliver cook it on his america show maybe?

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