Friday, 3 December 2010

Gym bunny

No outdoor runs since Tuesday's, but a lot more snow!

Its been the gym for the last two days and will be again today.

Whilst it was ok to run in the snow on Tuesday the hill repeats would have been impossible so they were done on the dreadmill. They weren't done quite to plan. I was meant to be doing 6 x 90s at 6:20 a mile pace with 2 mins active recovery between. In the event I managed 75 - 90 seconds at 6:50 odd. Not quite sure why I struggled. It may have been that the gym was warm.

Yesterday was cross training day so I did 50 minutes on the cross trainer as well as my resistance exercises. Big thanks to the blonde girl with the great bum and lovely slender waist for exercising in front of me and so taking my mind off the tedium of the x-trainer.

Today is 6 miles with speed intervals. Again, I don't trust trying to run at pace on the snow and ice so its treadmill again. Tomorrow will be a steady 6 miles which I'll do outdoors in the morning then Sunday I'm due to be doing 12.

Diet wise all is going fairly well. Lost 3.6lb in the week. It would have been more but for Wednesday's mini binge. The snow came down heavily and sue's work closed at 11.00. By five past she was in the car and on the road. It then took 5 hours to crawl 1.5 miles into Bradford centre where she left the car and got trains back to Leeds station then here. That delay meant I started absent mindedly picking at bread while the kids had their tea, then when Sue got in we had the ropa vieja we'd intended and then after tea I had even more toast. Not good.

Feeling optimistic though. Just need a good weekend to really cement the good start.


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

Part of me is outraged by the comment about the blonde, and part of me hopes there's some guy at my gym saying the same thing about me right now. So confused!

You need to stop buying bread.

Laura said...

Alison I'm laughing so much at your comment now :p

I tried running in the snow today Rob, not good!! It was a lot deeper than I realised haha

BabyWilt said...

Nothing like a bit of inspiration Rob and loving your dilemma Alison :-)

Rose said...

lol, love the fact that you were able to be 'distracted'...... I'm definitely not outraged...the best thing about watching any type of sport is checking out the talent!!!

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