Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Words of thanks and progress

I'll start with a thank you for all the comments on yesterday's (brief) post.

I'm never sure whether my ramblings are of any interest to other people or whether any posts are more/less interesting to others. I know from reading other blogs some subjects interest me more than others but I wont say which! So, its always nice to get comments and yesterday's comments gave me the sort of warm feeling normally only associated with declarations of love. Or possibly bed wetting. Mainly love though.

I only saw the comments after I got in from the run but they will definitely help spur me on next time I have a similar challenge - it really is good to feel others are rooting for you.

I have to say I was pleased with yesterday's small victory of getting out there. The temperature had dropped to 0c, I was tired, home an hour later than planned (14.5 hours after leaving home) but got out there and ran an admittedly easy paced 5 miles round and round in circles near home. I hope that puts down a marker for myself for similar challenges in the coming weeks.

Diet/weight wise things are going well. There have been a number of false dawns in the past but I generally think I am slowly improving my perspective and therefore control. Right now I feel quite relaxed and have now lost almost all of the Christmas weight gain, probably as a result. Looking at the last 12 months my weight has cycled up/down as before but each rise is less pronounced. Certainly the Christmas gain this year covered less than 2 weeks whereas last year covered more like 5 weeks and a lot more weight. Like a punch aimed at Nick Griffin - its definitely headed in the right direction.

Today is short intervals, recovery week style, so a total of only 5 miles. Then this evening its massage time.



~Jessica~ said...

Doh. I missed the post last night.

But huge congrats for getting out there anyway, particularly in 0 degree temps. I faced a similar problem this morning and it was a bit hairy with the pavements being semi-fredo...I'm a person that HAS to run in the morning otherwise I stiffen up horribly by evening, so I admire you a lot for getting out there after such a long and gruelling day.

Enjoy the well-earned rest week!

Maria said...

Well done for getting out there! I was hoping you would. I think posting that you aim to do something gives you extra motivation- if I post on the exercise thread on WLR that I am going to do something after work then I generally geel guilty at the thoight of not doing it! I am impressed though as you had such a long day, so well done. Good news on the diet front too.

tam said...

I so gotta get me a sports massage my muscles are screaming at me! : )

Rose said...

nice to be rid of that xmas weight already, I know you already said it was better than last year but just think about how long it would have taken in the years before that!

Your blog is always interesting, whether it be a long post or just a quickie like yesterday!


Alison said...

Aw, warm and fuzzies!

I don't think we should ever expect anything as clear and promising as a "dawn" when it comes to struggles with food. More like some kind of light occasionally coming through the trees, something like that? Ach, I never was very good with metaphor. Conceptual analysis is more my thing.. But anyway, I'm really glad you seem to be heading into less dense cover (or something like that!)