Thursday, 20 January 2011

I'm shattered

Yesterday was a long day and included a 6 hour drive down to Poole in Dorset, a client meeting, dinner with said client in the evening and not getting to bed until 12.20 this morning. Then today, I was woken at 3am by some bell end who kept knocking on another door on my corridoor in the hotel, then woke again at 5.45am when I got up, had a session in the gym, another meeting and a 6 hour drive home.

Now I'm in bed.

Mind you, it was a decent enough trip in many respects, not least because of the run.

Schedule said 1.5 mile warm up then 3 x 1k @ 6:53 - 7:01 pace per mile pace followed by another 1.5 mile cool down.

I ran from the hotel to Bournemouth's promenade then along there past Boscombe and back. It was dark, not particularly well lit, home to a few 'colourful characters' (complete with cans of Special Brew) but quite a few runners too.

I'd ran along there a year or two ago and at the time was staggered at how ignorant the runners I passed were. London has a reputation for the rudest inhabitants but whilst runners there might not volunteer a greeting themselves they do generally acknowledge you if you prompt them even if itcan seem grudging and half hearted. In Bournemouth though I'd found the runners acted like Londoners on the tube: avoiding eye contact and either ignoring any 'hello' aimed in their direction or looking completely petrified. I can report that nothing has changed. I must have past 20 runners and the best I got was a slightly frightened grunt from one lad.

Still, the run itself was very, very enjoyable.

It was warm down there and perhaps that made a bit of a difference but the two things that definitely helped were how flat it was (aside from a slight incline between Bournemouth pier and the cliff top path back to the hotel) and the fact I was able to run on a traffic free tarmac surface.

They definitely made the intervals easier and I ran the three at 7:01, 6:58 and 6:45 pace respectively. Perhaps most pleasing was that they all felt comfortable with plenty left in the tank. A nice contrast with last Friday.

Mind you, I wasn't the only one enjoying myself as one guy was stood towelling himself dry by his car having been for a swim, in the dark, in January. Wouldn't fancy it myself but fair play to him.

In the evening we went to a restaurant in Bournemouth that was pretty good and where I had oysters, crab risotto, a perfectly cooked fillet steak and (I confess) a chocolate tart.

Returning to the run though, I was also pleased that in the evening and during today I've had no particular reaction in terms of my calves but I can't quite figure out why. I stretched no more than normal, didn't wear compression gear, didn't elevate the legs, didn't ice, didn't even eat for a while after.

What I did do was have a warm bath soon after running, then a pint of tomato juice after about 35 minutes, a pint of diet coke soon after, then a high protein meal maybe 2 hours after running along with 800ml of sparkling water. Any amateur sports nutritionists see anything telling in that?

Alternatively, it could be down to my testing my theory but feeling good after a speed session is definitely noticeable and positive (though glutes feel a hint of doms now...).


tam said...

I loved running along the beach when I was staying Bournemouth they were good times x

Maria said...

Well caffiene in some studies helps so it could be that? Tomatoes are high in anti oxidants and other good stuff? Who knows.
I get annoyed (in my head) when people (runners esp) do not smile at me when I have a manic grin/ friendly smile.

~Jessica~ said...

Well those runners sound like a bunch of miserable buggers and no mistake. I'm usually off in my own world when I'm running but I make sure to at least smile in response if someone says 'hi' or acknowledges me. I always sense an element of comradeship with other runners, particularly in harsh weather conditions. The January resolutioners don't tend to be as responsive though, I find, perhaps because they're out there less for enjoyment and more for obligation? Maybe you just had a run (ha!) of bad luck and came across a lot of them?

Warm baths are better than ice baths for me in terms of easing muscle soreness for sure. And my physio agrees, so perhaps it was that?

Glad you had a good run.

Alison said...

This post made me laugh!

For someone pretty obsessed with amateur sports nutrition, I don't see much in what you ate. The protein would have helped no doubt, but I assume you regularly eat something like that after a run? The water might have made a difference I suppose: to carry away the free radicals (I think?). But it sounds more likely to be the running surface to me.

Great result either way: glad you feel back on form :-)

Laura said...

I hate those ignorant runners! I've been seeing a lot round here lately :-( I always at least smile.. often too out of breath to manage a hello haha but sometimes they look at you as if you're absolutely crackers!

All your post workout fuel really suggests to me is that you were dehydrated.. but I'm no expert!

Rose said...

It's not just you Rob, I even recognise some other runners now and they STILL don't acknowledge my cheery hellos! Drives me potty. although it does sometimes make my own run go faster as I get lost in a world of plotting how to trip them all up or zap them with my imaginary star trek stylee gun!