Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Early start

Just a short one today: up at 5am to be on a train at 6.25.

Won't be home until 7.00/7.30pm by which time it will be dark and cold and I'll be tired. If I don't do the planned run tonight I won't be able to catch it up so I hope I have enough resolve to get out of the door, postponing the lure of warmth, rest and food.

We shall see.


Maria said...

Fingers crossed you make it out there (although that is such a long day).
You know you will feel better once you have been out and run, and you will be able to tick it off after too, how satisfying.

Alison said...

Just get straight out there. That's what marathon training commitment is. And you've got it. So no problems :-)

Manj said...

My day looks like this: up at 5:30am, out the door at 6:15 and by the time I've been to spin and run, it will be 9pm before I get home. Go on, I'll do mine if you do yours :)

Maria said...

I am hoping that by now you are back from your run and feeling smug :) LIke Alison says, you have the commitment.

BabyWilt said...


Running Rob said...

Who's the daddy?


Thank you ladies. Got in at 8.30, out the door at 8.40.

How about you Manj?

Rose said...

Very impressed!!!! Hope I'm as successful tomorrow night...am planning the change into running gear at this end of the journey so that I can go straight to running club!


Manj said...

Well done you. Run done, spin done, got home at 9pm, in bed by 10pm, up at 5:30am again today. This is wearing me out. But its worth it right? :)

Running Rob said...

Definitely worth it.

Impressed you can manage it every day Manj.

Rose - I was similar. didn't change but made sure my gear was all out ready. Idea was that if I could make it easy I was less likely to find excuses.