Wednesday, 19 January 2011


That's what yesterday's run (and therefore Sunday's run) measured. Its good to have the Garmin fully charged.

Not that I looked at it too much whilst running - I wanted to just run. I glanced a few times just at the average pace but nothing more. I also managed to not switch it off twice when clambering over stiles (which I normally would) but there you go.

By my reckoning there were 7 stiles to climb over, 4 gap stiles to squeeze through, 2 busy-ish roads to cross and 2 gates to open/close as well as hills and mud a plenty. That didn't really lend itself to constant Garmin monitoring or pace setting but gave splits (including the final 0.4) of:


Paces correlate pretty well in that slower ones were where there was more in the way of uphill, thicker mud and obstacles and faster ones where there was less. Only exception was the penultimate full mile that actually had a net descent. I was feeling a bit tired by then and there was some very boggy bits to pick through. Based on distance I shouldn't really have felt fatigued though - just goes to show the difference terrain makes when compared to flat, dry canal towpath pace.

Legs (well, right calf) felt a bit tight/sore an hour or two afterwards but seems OK again now.

Away darn sarf today and tomorrow but managed to book a hotel with gym and pool (thank you so will be able to do the cross trainer and core routine tomorrow morning and do today's intervals along the sea front at Bournemouth early evening.


Alison said...

Are you stretching regularly now after runs? For your calves I mean? Or still going at the with a stick!?

good news about the gym at the hotel -- that sounds like it'll keep you on track.

BabyWilt said...

I ran on grass once, on the flat (when I was run fit'ish) and it totally knackered me out so I can well imagine the terrain you describe taking a little more out of you than you would expect.
Keep up the stretching and foam roller if you have access to one, I have come to learn they are an evil necessity - although mine currently is propped up behind the couch and it just growls at me!

tam said...

Fab run! Have fun in Bournemouth x

Maria said...

Nice work in the mud! I much prefer the pavements (sorry joints) as the mud and grass are so much harder!

rose said...

waves wildly from the office in Bournemouth.......

Sounds like a great run. Can't believe that you usually start and stop your garmin at obstacles. It's as much as I can do to remember to start and stop it at the start and end of a run!!!