Thursday, 6 January 2011

Feed a cold...?

I didn't do my planned run yesterday. Sorry.

I had a meeting in the midlands during the day but put my kit out in readiness to run in the evening, so was mentally all set to go out even though the calves were still a bit sore (though far better than they had been).

In the afternoon the resolve faded.

I've had a bit of a cold for a few days. Nothing major, I just cough quite a bit especially in the first hour after waking, but yesterday I was coughing more through the day and could feel that I was slightly wheezy - something I'd noticed while running the previous day. I also felt really tired on the journey back and just wanted to get in, make a cup of tea and get into bed.

I admit the idea of 8.25 miles of interval training on a cold, damp, dark and windy evening wasn't an enticing prospect in itself but I decided that an extra rest day might be good for my legs and that feeling under the weather would probably make for a poor session anyway.

I still felt a bit guilty though, and that translated itself into conspicuous over eating of toast, honey, Turkish delight and Bombay mix after an eclectic tea of chana chaat followed by a poached egg on toast.

I was pleased with the chana chaat though. We had a partially eaten large bag of Bombay mix left over so I mixed half a tin of chickpeas, a small chopped red onion, yoghurt and tamarind sauce and topped it with a handful of Bombay mix. Creamy, yet tangy; soft yet crunchy. Not bad for a made up recipe.

Still coughing and rattling a bit this morning but will go to the gym as per the schedule and go on the x-trainer. I toyed with the idea of doing yesterday's run instead but that would mean running hard speed sessions on consecutive days then a long run 2 days later - which wouldn't be good for my legs now and was probably another contributor to the recent soreness when I did it a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for the comments yesterday.

I still need to ring and get the massage sorted but the lass who does it is a trainee physio so hoping I'll get a few ideas from her as well as giving me a rub down. So to speak.

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Maria said...

It does not seem to me like you are the kind of person to keep on skipping runs, so if every once in a while you need to then so be it. Hopefully an extra day of rest will do your cold and your legs too.