Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The end date

Yesterday was the week's rest day so nothing to note on the running or exercise front other than to say the calves definitely feel a little bit better each day. Whether I will say the same after tomorrow's intervals I don't know. A chance to test my theory.

Diet is a slightly different matter. Its a difficult week. Sunday included a meal out in the evening as Bethan's birthday treat; yesterday was her birthday and so involved a sponge cake heavily laden with butter cream and jam, and entirely covered with a thick layer of icing; whilst tomorrow involves a meal out in the evening with a client. Even the weekend will have a challenge - we'll be staying away Saturday night so that will mean a meal out Saturday and Sunday may have a post-LSR cooked breakfast on the agenda. Eek.

That falls against the backdrop of my cancelling my Weight Loss Resources account.

That's motivated in part by the need to save money and partly because I've been a member since 2007 and feel I have to give myself an end date. I've been paying bi-annually so the last day of membership will be 15th March which fits quite nicely as more or less the projected date for my reaching 11st.

So, having established that as a target I could do without this week's challenges, but I'm just adopting a policy of trying to take the edge off them even if that means no weight loss, just maintaining, then I can make some real progress next week.

Today I have 8 miles scheduled so I'll run the same route I did on Sunday, in the same sort of way, and see what distance and pace that works out to be. Just for curiosity's sake. If it measures short I can easily tag on a bit extra, if it measures long so be it.


Alison said...

I think as long as you see these "challenges" as standing between you and a good diet you are going to struggle. People who lose weight, and who are more or less naturally slim, find ways of dealing with events like these . Strategies are obviously a very personal thing: whether it's completely abstaining from cake, or just having 1 piece and being happy with that, or eating whatever you want and then having a strict day following that. But one way or another these kind of events are going to keep coming up. It's being able to accommodate them and still lose / maintain weight wherein success lies.

Are you feeling any better about the running plan now?

Running Rob said...

Yep, pretty chilled with the running plan now.

I think the proposed fine tuning will help personalise a generic plan.

I don't think I see the challenges as a barrier to maintaining, that's what I expect to achieve this week, but I don't think its realistic to accomodate them in the context of 1000 a day defecit - which is what I'd like to be doing - but that will come in next week.

tam said...

Yum sponge cake : )