Friday, 21 January 2011

On manoeuvres with Major Bumzor

My glutes hurt.

I don't think its a result of Wednesday's run, I think its come from spending 15 minutes on an unfamiliar cross trainer yesterday morning.

At the gym here I use the cross trainer as recovery exercise: resistance level at 60-65% of the maximum, RPM resolutely in the glam rock era (i.e. the early 70s) and the machines have a lovely smooth action. At the hotel yesterday the machines were of a different design and I found 60 RPM on level 11/25 to feel tougher than normal but also that the movement was far more 'jerky' with the effort confined to a much smaller section of each revolution. I'm sure that's resulted in buttock carnage.

Anyone else find one off usage of other machines has caused problems?

While at the gym yesterday I also completed my core stability and stretching routine. I was quite chuffed by that purely because I realised I'd left my little laminated exercise card in the room but still managed to remember all 19 exercises. They must be sinking in.

Today is 1.5m mile warm up, 4 miles @ 7.08 - 7.14 a mile, 1.5m cool down. Unfortunately there's nowhere I can replicate Bournemouth sea front - the best I can do is the canal. That will mean an occasionally muddy and uneven surface, a road to cross and a 2 rise lock slap bang in the middle of the 4 mile tempo session but beyond that it is flat and traffic free so should be OK.

After the contrasting fortunes of last week's difficulties with 3 x 1 mile at that pace and this week's success at 5k pace it'll be interesting to see how I get on.

Finally, thanks for the feedback on what may have helped with recovery after Wednesday's intervals. I'll keep a keen focus on the post-run hydration and experiment with baths over showers beyond that it'll be down to gradient and running approach. Will try the new approach with Sunday's 15 mile progression run (the last 7 miles will get progressively quicker from base pace down to half marathon pace) as a forced trip to Northamptonshire means no half marathon race.


Alison said...

I definitely struggle with different crosstrainers. When my old gym had a refurb, they introduced 3 different kinds, and me and my PT had lengthy discussions for weeks about which one we preferred. Same this time: I've had to adapt my stance to stop the ones at the new gym hurting my lower back.

You and your laminated card make me smile. Nice job getting the core work done though. No one likes that. Overall it sounds like you've done really well through a week that you were expecting to be tough. Keep it up through the weekend and you've got a straight up victory there. None of this "mini" nonsense!

Laura said...

I don't cross train anywhere near as much as I should! When I do I don't tend to use machines as I don't have a gym membership so I had no idea different machines would make you more sore!

Maria said...

A few times when I was a gym member the machines would break (often actually) and they would rent replacements which were always annoying, as they moved differently, the resistance needed to be different and so on. So I would think that could be it.