Thursday, 13 January 2011

Clean(ish) bill of health

Yesterday meant two things: intervals and massage.

The intervals session went OK. I probably still warmed up and cooled down too fast and I couldn't get the interval pacing right at all. I was meant to be doing 8 x 0.25m @ 6:40 pace but ended up doing:

  1. 6:42
  2. 6:33
  3. 6:21
  4. 6:07
  5. 6:33
  6. 6:55
  7. 6:27
  8. 6:28

I seem to really struggle to 'feel' the correct pace when trying to run at anything below 10k pace. I guess that will come with time. Averaging close to 10s under might seem a good thing but it worries me that its a recipe for over training, particularly as the range of paces was so great. Seems to indicate to me that I was just struggling to feel the right pace rather than finding it too easy.

The massage in the evening was fairly pleasant and pain free. There were tight spots in the left quad and calf (though neither causing me a problem) but overall it seems my calves are in pretty good condition and no sign of any inflammation or injury. That's reassuring, and it seems like the calf troubles I had were just a reaction to training volume and intensity. Some soreness yesterday so I'll just keep plugging away at them.

Diet was good again yesterday, so pleased with that. Have been weighing daily (but without concern) and now seem to have dropped into a cycle of little change for 2-3 days then a sudden drop, then no change for 2-3 days followed by a sudden drop etc. Funny how the body works. I'd assume a consistent deficit would lead to a steady loss. Still, not concerned if it gets there in the end!

Will go to the gym later today for cross training: the cross trainer for 40 mins and the core workout/stretches.

Hope all is well for everyone.


Alison said...

Good news on the calf. I think feeling pace comes with practice running at that pace, but I agree that you're right not to push it too much.

As for the scale weight, mine is schizophrenic, I wouldn't worry about it! Main thing is you're happy with your eating and the general trend is downwards.

BabyWilt said...

I admire anyone who even tries to set a pace for a run, I know only one speed and thats "plod speed". Hope you are considering a monthly or 6 weekly massage to keep those leggies in check, as a trained but non-practicing massage therapist I would highly recommend it. Great day all round though :-)

Maria said...

Good news on lots of fronts. Glad the legs are not causing problems, and again good news about the diet too.

~Jessica~ said...

Good to hear that your calf's in great shape. I don't think your intervals are half bad at all: I never do any intervals or speed training so I admire your commitment & dedication there.

Don't talk to me about the scale...apparently I gained 3lbs in three days, so I threw the thing metaphorically out of the window :P

Massages are the best: I can't afford very many of them but I look forward to them so much when I can.