Sunday, 7 November 2010


I think I tempted fate yesterday by even suggesting a consideration of feeling like a running deity. The running Gods were clearly angered and triggered a series of events to thwart my plans.

I could have ran in the morning before 11 except daughter number one would need picking up from staying at a friends and I was waiting on a call/text from her to say when, so I contented myself with cooking. In the end I went to pick her up at 11.15, having received no call, to find she wasn't ready which in turn meant she'd miss her singing lesson. That didn't amuse me - particularly as the last time she'd gone out with friends she missed a Doctor's appointment by being late back.

Anyway, I carried on cooking and decided to do the scheduled run at the gym as by the time I'd got her home and waited for Sue and the youngest to get in there wasn't much time to head out. That's not something I enjoy but I worked out the different speeds in kmph and set off with daughter number 2 to take her to gymnastics (at the gym) at 2pm.

By 2.10pm there were 6 lots of impatient parents and kids but no instructors. I went up to reception to try to find out what was going on and a few minutes later someone was sent down to explain that one of the instructors had left/been sacked and so neither she nor her friend would be doing the instruction hence the course was cancelled. No phone calls to us to tell us, not even a message left at reception so we'd know on arrival. presumably at some stage they'll refund the additional money we'd paid for the course. That seems pretty typical of Esporta. The last 3 exercise classes were all cancelled at short notice and the one prior to that 2 external instructors turned up for and had a tense 'stand off' at the start! When the whole family were members a couple of years ago we'd frequently turn up to Friday evening Street Dance with the eldest to find it was cancelled - again without notice - and that was a key reason for our cancelling.

I digress. The cancellation meant that whilst it was still only 2.30 I had the youngest with me and had promised to take her swimming and for a drink and muffin in the bar afterwards. By the time we'd finished it was 4pm and there was still cooking to do. No run, no exercise, no happy.


runningcupcake said...

Oh no- sometimes you just have days like those when everything conspires against you. I would be pretty annoyed at he gym- they could have easily phoned or even put up a sign to save you all waiting.
Hopefully next time your plans will go ahead.

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