Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Buffeted by wind

Yes, that's right: buffeted by wind. Not the wind. Not winds. Now that's clear you can decide if you want to read on.

Last week's cold has slowly been abating. The sore throat is gone, the stuffy headache too has disappeared, I'm still a bit snotty on a morning when I get up but that's lessening each day.

The things that have remained or gotten worse are a feeling of being bloated and getting stomach cramps - the sort you feel in your back as much as your stomach. Unsurprisingly these are accompanied, or caused, by a lot of wind. Generally, though far from exclusively, of the upwards variety.

Initially I'd thought this was due to the cold, then I thought it might be stress related. There's no major stress at the moment: a few niggles from work and some annoyance over the weekend at getting behind on the training plan but nothing major, though Sue said I seemed a bit uptight. Interestingly though, the pain didn't lessen when I felt particularly relaxed or happy.

I've tried a couple of 'wind' medicines with limited effect as well as some anti-spasmodics which had zero effect. That made me wonder if it was really stress related at all. I now think its just the vestiges of the cold.

It made the reformer class yesterday a bit of a risk. When you're lying on your back with knees bent up for much of an hour its an ideal gas release position and in a small quiet studio with only 4 other people there's nowhere to hide should such an episode occur. Last night I was lucky.

So, when I got in I decided to go for another tactic. About 5/6 years ago I had a similar thing and ended up going to the doctor who suggested I take soluble fibre supplements as well as eating a lot of 'bulky' foods for a couple of days. His theory was that by sending a lot of bulk through the system I'd push out any lingering bacteria or virus - rather like a sweep cleaning a chimney or, more pertinently, a guy from Dyna-Rod unblocking a drain. As a result last night after my tea I had 4 slices of wholemeal toast and 3 bowls of Shreddies. Not great weight loss tactic but hopefully enough to do a bit of good in settling the stomach.

There. That wasn't so bad, and I didn't even have to confess to the time a couple of years ago when I let out an enormous and involuntary fart when setting off on a club run but managed to get away with it by giving a dirty look to the partially deaf chap who was running alongside me.

Oh. Right.


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

You know sugar does your digestive system no good. It upsets my stomach something rotten..

The trampoline: they have the at the gym my physio works out of, but not at mine. So I bought one (on his advice) - £20 from Argos. Seems a worthwhile investment, as I'm making good progress. Plus this is something I'm going to have to keep on top of for, well, the rest of my life! So it seemed worth it.

TOTKat - Kate Driskell said...

*laugh* You are awful!

I've been having similar excruciating cramps over the last few days which have eased off quite a bit today, but no idea what's caused it. I've normally got a cast-iron stomach... Anyhoo, hope the bulk does to job, so to speak.

BabyWilt said...

GEISH, you lot are all full of hot air :-). Fortunately I have never experienced such torture but I have heard if you drape yourself over the arm of your couch (pending its not a wooden one) and rock back and fort it helps to relieve - I'm assuming in a kind of back extension manner??!!!

runningcupcake said...

You are brave to confess!

RoseC2 said...

Having just recently completed a Davina dvd with my very windy hubby (my fault for dishing up too much veg lately!) your post was particularly familiar sounding..... I can tell you it does nowt for your concentration when the person next to you is doing that.....

must find a deaf person to run near in the future too!


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