Friday, 19 November 2010

A few days away

Been a busy week with work so far...Poole, Christchurch, Warwick, West Bromwich, Sheffield have all featured on my list of places I've been to and I must have driven nearly 1000 miles.

I have just about managed to keep up exercise wise though. Tuesday's early treadmill run was a good start (though it meant I missed the drills); Wednesday's hills were switched with Friday's intervals and that was fine too and yesterday I did a very short, very slow run but missed the resistance training. That leaves a bit of catch up to do today/tomorrow/Sunday but as its a cut back week its no biggie to tag on the drills to Sunday's run and to do a resistance session today.

Only Wednesday's run was important for any reason - a run along the south coast on the Dorset/Hants border. It was fairly stormy with the sea crashing over the quayside, looking (and sounding) dramatic as the wind was strong - again making intervals either very tough or very easy depending which way I was facing. The path itself was variable: a mix of concrete, road, sand and a bit of woodland trail past the rather pretty Highcliffe Castle. Castle is misleading as there's no hill, no moat, no keep, no thick walls or arrow slits but what there is is a rather grand looking stately home - what it's website describes as 'an early Victorian fantasy castle'.

I've not eaten well while away. I rarely do. There's just too much access to food - cooked breakfasts, dinner out somewhere, 3 course evening meals and long hours driving punctuated by coffee and chocolate.

I haven't weighed for over 2 weeks but will do so today. Whilst the running feels OK I feel like the weight is slowly creeping up. I'm not unduly concerned or beating myself up about it but want to get a bit of a handle on where I am so I can consider how to proceed.


RoseC2 said...

We seem to have quite a lot of 'non' castle castles around here! Lulworth is another...

Hope you waved when you went past.

I'm a bit the same as you as regards food. We've got visitors at the moment and it always makes me less careful. Think I need a 'back to basics' week (but only after the weekend has passed - have a race on Sunday so have the lovely 'carb loading' excuse


runningcupcake said...

Well done on keeping up with the running while you have been driving all over the place :)
With the food thing- you are going to have weeks like that, as life is like that. It is how you get back on track that makes the difference. So once you can eat better, then do and it will be fine.

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

I agree that time away can really throw you. It's not just the meals out and cooked breakfasts, it's the loss of routine too I think. Which means that even when you would normally make good choices, you're in a different mind set, and make bad choices.

Good job on staying on top of the training at least -- that's half the battle. If not more :-)

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