Saturday, 6 November 2010

Phlegm, Latin American Cuisine and a Messiah Complex

The man flu is still with me, and whilst the symptoms are changing a bit its no better, no worse.

As a result of the man flu I swapped yesterday's intervals for today's base pace run. That worked well for yesterday as I managed the run ok, and felt a bit better afterwards, but I might have struggled to do the intervals.

Mind you, that now means that today I have to fit in the run with intervals; 2 resistance sessions (might move one to the morning), one dynamic flexibility session, a trip to the gym to take the youngest to gymnastics, a trip to take the eldest to singing lessons, taking the youngest swimming and cooking 5 dishes.

The 5 dishes being a clean eating Cuban based dish of shredded beef with peppers, onion and carrots, a Cuban rice with black beans and vegetables, a Mexican tomato salsa, an avocado salsa and a sweetcorn salsa. I'm hoping the cold can be countered by a combination of chillies and vitamin c! Oh, and there will be enough for today and tomorrow.

On both days this weekend I'll run along the canal. Its a really good time to run there as the autumn leaves that fall create a beautiful glistening mosaic across the water. It looks solid, almost as if it could be walked upon. I haven't put that to the test yet - even on one of those rare occasions where I feel like a bit of a running God.


runningcupcake said...

I wouild say that you should not run on the water!!!
Those chillis will helps your cold no end I am sure- and often the fresh air helps as it helps clear the airways. Plus being inside can make you all stuffy (esp now with the heating on)- fresh air will work wonders. Enjoy the cooking and the canal run- sounds fab.

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