Monday, 22 November 2010

Return of the man flu

Well, I say return but it hasn't really gone away in about 3 weeks; and I say man flu in a rather self deprecating manner but its struck down two females of the household too.

Both Sue and I have had colds for 2-3 weeks. For me, some days I feel close to fine; but on others I'll have a rasping cough, a headache, stomach ache and so on. On a couple of occasions in the past week I've felt bad enough that I feared it was turning to sickness. Charlotte also had a thick cold for about 10 days but last week hers did turn to sickness and once she had that out of her system she was back to normal. Bethan just seems completely untouched by it.

Its not really helping the quest for health and fitness.

On Saturday I didn't do too badly despite needing to ferry Beth to a party, take Charlotte to gymnastics and swimming, and head into the city centre. I did manage to get onto a dreadmill while Charlotte was at gymnastics but I hadn't been 'with it' enough to be too organised meaning I only had about 45 minutes for exercising. That was OK though as I only had a 4 mile interval run scheduled in the cut back week. I managed this but found it extremely hard work - I think that was the virus.

Yesterday was always going to be difficult as I needed to be in the city centre by 7.45am as I was marshaling at the Leeds Abbey Dash, an annual 8,000 runner 10k. I enjoy marshaling but it meant I'd be in town until well after midday and probably a wee while longer than that as Bethan wanted me to meet the rest of the family at the German market afterwards.

After two poor nights of sleep I felt pretty rotten to start with yesterday but the fresh air and walking about 5 miles to/from marshal points meant I coped OK but knew running wouldn't be on the agenda. After meeting the girls for half hour I walked back to my car, went home, to bed and to sleep and woke up feeling worse!

So, exercise wise that meant I missed the drills, only did half of one of the two resistance exercise sessions, replaced the hill training with another intervals session and missed a 4 mile base pace run. Bugger.

Diet wise, not a lot better. I don't have any appetite for big meals nor anything healthy, so I pick; and what I pick at or snack on tends to be the worst kind of food.

Away again this week. Heading off tomorrow for Edinburgh with a meeting in the afternoon, then its another Edinburgh meeting the next day and one a few miles south in Selkirk before a couple of hours driving to Washington in Tyne & Wear where I'll stay en route to a meeting in Nottingham on Thursday morning. Lots of driving, lots of eating from service stations, lots of challenges for exercising.

Hoping the bug will go soon.

One silver lining is that having weighed myself on Saturday I don't look to have gained anything in the first 3 weeks of November.


runningcupcake said...

You do have to give yourself a break when you are unwell. Your body probably needed the extra sleep rather than the run that you missed. Well doen for not gaining- always good especially when you are unwell. And take it easy.

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

If you're struggling to kick this cold to the kerb then maybe you'd be better off skipping training entirely for a few days to give your immune system a decent chance at fighting it off once and for all. Better miss a few days of training and then come back fully fit than train at a sub-par level for weeks?

BabyWilt said...

I concur with the two wise ladydeez, and personally 4 days off with a full day spent in bed did me the world of good. Hoping it stays away now.
Get strong again.

Just a Girl said...

Hey Rob, so sorry I've not been commenting - for some reason my reader isn't showing your updates so I have to remember to manually check!

I agree with the others - rest entirely to give your body a chance to heal properly. Your body will be entirely grateful to you :D

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