Friday, 20 August 2010


It seems that both Kat and Alison have 'nominated' me in some sort of blogging award thing (whose name escapes me) so thanks to both.

As part of the acceptance process I'm due to recommend 15 other blogs and give seven facts about me.

It looks like all the blogs I subscribe to have been nominated already so I'll skip that but please do look at the blogs I follow they're all well worth a read.

Now for the seven facts:

  1. I first flew on an aeroplane in February 1980 but only flew once more until the autumn of 2003.
  2. I've been on TV several times, mainly on sports programmes as a face in the crowd but I have been referred to on Match of the Day (as an example of a 'poor' fan), interviewed for the BBC's Superleague show and had my shirt commented on during a Sky rugby league broadcast.
  3. Sticking with the media theme I once did the commentary on a Leeds Rhinos match against Warrington for the official club DVD.
  4. (Apologies to vegetarians...) I grew up in a mining town in the 1970s and as a treat me and my brothers would be given pieces of raw bacon rind to chew the fat from - one of the many reasons my partner thinks I was brought up in the 1930s.
  5. When I was six, and learning to swim, I got into difficulties out of my depth and was petrified of water until I finally learned to swim 8 years ago. I'm now happy to swim on or under open water.
  6. Despite being a mere 40 years old both of my grandfathers fought in world war one - one being one of the first volunteers in August 1914.
  7. Although I've never taught I'm qualified as a teacher.


TOTKat said...

Raw bacon fat!?&%$#!$

I'm a fan of the pig myself, but I think I'd baulk at raw bacon fat. Hm, but if I think about it, smoked hams like pata negra are essentially raw and I'm OK with those...

Alison said...

Am impressed that you learnt to swim as an adult. That takes some balls.

Running Rob said...

Kat - you're quite right. I'msomeone who cant eat a sausage for fear their could be a bit of gristle in it yet I'll happilly eat a blue steak, parma ham, bresaola etc.

Alison - you're not wrong. Its something I think few people apppreciate. If you get well into adulthood as a non swimmer the chances are you have a very well developed fear of water. Overcoming it was a real buzz though.