Monday, 2 August 2010

The week before last

Proved to be a pretty good week.

I'd set myself the target of consistency in diet and that's pretty much what I got. Result was that by Saturday morning the weight had dropped below 11st 11lb and I felt and looked leaner already. Really pleased with that.

I did go off the rails a bit on the Saturday at my parents Golden Wedding party (with non diet friendly buffet) but was back on track Sunday.

Exercise wise it had gone well too. A couple of trips to the gym to lift some weights, a couple of short swims afterwards, a decent paced club run in the pouring rain on Tuesday, a 5 mile run with Bethan, an easy paced 4 miles along the canal and then a 14 mile long run on the Sunday.

That was the furthest Bethan had ever run and my furthest long run since the autumn. Found it quite tiring though but not as bad as the previous week and certainly at a faster pace.

All in all a good preparation for the week of camping challenges ahead and the race I'd spotted while looking for things to do on holiday...

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Alison said...

I'm quietly following Bethan's progress you know. How old is she? 5 miles ain't at all bad for a bairn :)