Monday, 2 August 2010

More camp than Kenneth Williams

That was my last week in Dumfries & Galloway, staying on the shores of Loch Ken.

It's funny how holidays are never quite what you'd envisaged they'd be. In this case I'd had a ragged notion that the holiday would include hiring a mountain bike for half a day, 3/4 runs, some swimming in the loch, lots of hill walking and several trips out ion the loch in a canoe or kayak. I'd also kidded myself that it would be a few days of healthy eating punctuated with the odd treat for all my physical exploits.

In the event I ran once (the race), did one 4 mile walk up/down a hill in the Galloway forest and had 40 minutes each in a kayak, canoe and rowing boat. I also managed about 20 seconds swimming in the loch. Ah well.

Food wise was even worse. Probably Monday and Tuesday weren't too bad - if you exclude the post race chips and bag of jelly babies that is - but after that it wasn't good. There were few obvious candidates for eating out on an evening and limited to a single gas burner we fell back on fish & chip shops for 3 nights, a disposable barbecue for one and a pile of cheese sandwiches for the other. During the day there was the novelty of frying eggs and bacon at six am, the lure of the on site sweetie shop and three trips to tea shops for scones and or cake. Oh, and a trip to an ice cream parlour.

It was still a decent break though.


Alison said...

20 seconds? If I remember all my camping holidays in Scotland as a kid, you've gotta be brave to get in the water. And then the trick is not to stop moving - thrash around a good while to get the blood moving and the air back in your lungs!

No big deal with the food. That's just how holidays are. You'll have it back in no time.

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