Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Too quick to point the finger?

After the first of the new weights sessions last week I was undeniably sore for 48 hrs, so, when I did the session for the second time and had soreness in the legs the following day I assumed the cause was the same.

I'm not so sure now.

First time round it was the hammies and lats that complained the most but after Saturday's second time it was the quads and calves with nowhere else giving more than a very slight feeling of fatigue. Maybe that should have raised a question, but after running Sunday and resting Monday I went to the gym yesterday and only did upper body weights along with 10 minutes each of very gentle exercise on the rower and cross trainer. When I got back I took Bethan for a run. Ouch.

Whilst the quads were fine the calves still complained - especially up hills - and just before going to bed I massaged myself with the massage stick they felt sore and knotted.

I suspect that's not down to the weights as down to a combination of weights and, principally, the cross trainer machine.

When I use the latter I'm not good at just doing it, I have to feel that I'm pushing myself and tend to set targets for calories burned within the time. On Saturday after the weights I did the toughest 30 minute session on there to date with the resistance and RPM both high. I did it straight after weights so in order to keep up I noticed that I'd gone up onto my toes alot, presumably to bring the calves into play to support tired muscles elsewhere.

I now wonder if that is what has done for my calves?

Either way I'll keep up the massaging and stretching and see where we get to.

Monday's rest day was a challenge. Not having exercise calories to burn and feeling a little stressed with work had be reaching - or the second night running - for the toast and agave nectar. Eugh.

Better yesterday though. Stuck nicely to target thanks to a combination of gym, short run and banning bread!

Today will most certainly be similar.

I wonder if I'm the only one who has to ban certain foods?

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Alison said...

My banned list ebbs and flows, but currently:
- nutella
- malt loaf (though I haven't tested this in a while)
- almond butter

Would it help getting rid of things that you can put on the toast? I don't keep butter in the house, mostly because I just vary rarely use it, tho it helps not to have the temptation...

Doesn't sound inconceivable that the XTer did your calf in. I don't think it's the weights specifically, though you're right, tired glutes and hams probably contributed. While you get used to the weights routine it might be best to pull back on other crazy workouts?