Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Thanks for the kind words yesterday.

Obviously things are more difficult for Sue but we're both ok. Neither of us have had the death of anyone close to deal with in our adult lives so its just the idea of never hearing someone's voice again or never being able to tell/ask them something again that is very strange - the finality of it.

Yesterday I just couldn't get going in terms of eating normally, let alone dieting, and knew from early on I wouldn't get out for the planned run. We talked last night and agreed that until the funeral was out of the way and we got home again on Sunday things wouldn't feel normal, and just that feeling was enough to disrupt things.

I've taken on board the thoughts on diet/weight and I certainly won't be giving it any thought until Monday. Hopefully I can have 2-3 weeks of loss but we'll wait and see.

Hopefully will get online on Friday sometime.


Manj said...

Its a difficult time for all of you, take it easy and don't put any extra pressure on yourself to do more than you're able to.

Take care x

lizzyj1305 said...

Prayers and Hugs to you and your family!!!

Maria said...

I think you are right to accept that things like runs and food are going to be disrupted. A death of someone so close is so stressful and hard to deal with, so you are right not to put any extra pressure on yourself.
Take care of yourself (and your family)- that is what you should focus on right now.