Friday, 11 March 2011

Dreadmill Running

When we had all the snow before Christmas I ran at the gym at least once most weeks. Since then I've tended to use the gym only for cross training and done all my running outdoors.

The strong winds this week (yesterday the wind here gusted to 70mph and in Leeds city centre a man was killed when a lorry blew over onto him) sent me scurrying to the gym instead. Wednesday's intervals on the treadmill were ok, but the longest was only 9 minutes long and there was 2 minutes walking between each. All quite tolerable.

Yesterday was due to be cross training but having skipped Tuesday's run - which was only 6 miles in this cut back week - I decided to give it a go at the gym. Plan was to either run 3 miles and cross train for 25 minutes or do it all on the treadmill.

I couldn't remember what normal pace would be and later found I started off at 9:20 pace. That was fine in that it felt effortless but the kilometres went by so, so slowly. By 3km I knew 5km would be my limit and at 4km I upped the pace to what I knew was half marathon speed, then with 250m to go upped it to 6 minute mile pace. The extra effort felt more natural and allayed the tedium, but I now know my treadmill limits - use it for short intervals only. After that I did just 20 minutes on the cross trainer as that seemed to balance the extra effort at the end.

Food intake was fine once again, due in part to a rather good goulash I popped in the slow cooker Wednesday night. As an atheist (with occasional agnostic tendencies) Friday, of course, means fish. Looking forward to that.

Tempo run today. The wind speed seems to have halved. Yesterday was 34mph gusting to 70mph, today is 17mph presumably gusting to 34mph. I may even risk the canal towpath (where trees came down yesterday). If I don't post tomorrow you'll know where to send the fire brigade.

Thanks for yesterday's comments. A plan is slowly revealing itself to me. More on that nearer the time.


Maria said...

Gosh that is terrible about the man being killed by the lorry. The treadmill sounds very sensible in that sort of weather (and of course in snow etc).
Glad you are sorting out a plan- look forward to hearing it.

Alison said...

I too am now discovering my treadmill limits, though that has more to do with how much my ITB will take of the rolling belt.

Looking forward to The Plan! Will there be a spreadsheet? ;)

Laura said...

I was actually in Leeds with Mike on the 10th it was really windy wasn't it. I can't believe that though, what an awful way to go. Definitely right to play it safe even though the TM is boring!