Monday, 21 March 2011

The Final Three Weeks

A week on and its bright sunshine again, come on spring, you can do it!

After yesterday's run my legs still feel surprisingly good. A hint of stiffness but that's all. Maybe it'll get worse for tomorrow? Rest day today though, but I will have a good stretch at the gym later.

Even when yesterday's run was feeling good and I was allowing myself to up the pace and distance I still had a nagging fear that perhaps I was allowing myself to peak too soon meaning that my legs could be shot for the next week, and still be carrying a hint of fatigue come the race in 3 weeks.

On that basis I'm as pleased with my recovery (so far) as I am with the distance and pace towards the end. It looks like my fuelling and hydration strategy look sound and that my body is fairly well trained.

This week is the last 'normal' training week, then its a 2 week taper. It feels very much like this week contains the final two pieces in the jigsaw: a 12.5 mile tempo run and 16 mile endurance run (with 12/14 miles at marathon pace) and that the other runs this week and the running in the last 2 weeks are just there to maintain things. Those two runs seem to have very specific speed endurance training benefits that will compliment the pure endurance benefit of yesterday's run. I don't have any fear of being able to go the distance at a reasonable pace,but the final thing I'd like to be underlined to myself is the ability to go the distance at target pace.

For the record the last 3 weeks look like:

Three weeks to go...
  • Monday - rest day
  • Tuesday - 10 miles steady
  • Wednesday - 6.5 miles intervals
  • Thursday - Cross training
  • Friday - 12.5 miles tempo
  • Saturday - 2 miles recovery
  • Sunday - 16 miles with 12/14 at marathon pace

Two weeks to go...

  • Monday - rest day
  • Tuesday - 8 miles steady
  • Wednesday - 5.5 miles intervals
  • Thursday - cross training
  • Friday - 9 miles tempo
  • Saturday - 2 miles recovery
  • Sunday - 13 miles steady

One week to go...

  • Monday - rest day
  • Tuesday - 6 miles steady
  • Wednesday - 5 miles intervals
  • Thursday - rest day
  • Friday - 4 miles tempo
  • Saturday - rest day
  • Sunday - the race

Not sure if I'll modify that at all. Probably not.

Feeling good.


Maria said...

Wow 3 weeks to go - exciting stuff.
Your 23 mile run should give you loads of confidence as it seemed to go so well- glad you are getting the nutrition aspect correct too.

Alison said...

Coming up to the final countdown! I think the work you put in earlier with figuring out recovery is paying off, which is great news. I really think the only thing that could go wrong with the training at this point is for you to push too hard -- don't! Once it's taper time, I don't want to see a single mile starting with 7, k? !

Seriously though, you do seem very well prepared. Remember, you want to toe the line chomping at the proverbial bit. So this is where you start to pull back and trust in your training and trust in your body. Have faith!

~Jessica~ said...

So pleased you're recovering well. This week looks like a killer though, particularly in terms of those race pace miles. You have a sensible taper in place though, so that should offset any potential fatigue this week, I think.

I now have 'The Final Countdown' stuck in my head. Darn cheesy rock music.