Monday, 14 March 2011

The sun is shining

Its amazing what a difference that makes to me.

The last few years I've found I really dislike winters: the constant oppressive dullness, the cold, the feeling that everything is either dead or asleep, the short days. I grasp desperately at any small hint that spring may be on its way.

Whilst this year hasn't been so bad for me I still really get a lift from the sunshine.

The last 4/5 miles of yesterday's run were done in the sunshine (not a great combination with a bald head!) and whilst that should have made it harder my running actually improved. In the afternoon I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book, facing a large bay window and could hardly have felt more relaxed. At that point I hadn't logged any food for the day but the wave of sunshine induced happiness encouraged me to do so and I'm glad I did.

Despite it being a Monday morning I feel upbeat today too. My legs feel fine, I'm already looking forward to the run tomorrow evening. The scales tell me news that can be viewed as being 'half empty' or 'half full' and I'm inclining towards the latter.

I'm going to make a concerted effort at stretching over the next 3 weeks and that will start today. I'll also book a massage for a few days before the marathon. Beyond that it'll be a rest day today, with maybe just a short walk somewhere to give an excuse for getting in the sun for 20 minutes.

Happy days.


~Jessica~ said...

The weather has a big impact on my mood too: I'm always happier to run in the sun than in dreary conditions, although sometimes I feel that running when it's grey and dull is better than moping indoors *because* it's grey and dull as I am inclined to do, which only makes matters worse.

Glad you're feeling more positive and upbeat :)

When/if the Spen 20 photos ever go live I'll find one of your twin! He was right up the field so I'm sure he'll feature somewhere.

Laura said...

I hear you on the weather changes I loved running in the sunshine today!

Maria said...

Yes I always feel so much better when the sun shines! I try to be cheerful anyway, but I just love the sun shining :)

Alison said...

I am totally with you on the sunshine making everything feel so much.. *lighter*. And thanks for the idea of doing more off-road running. That is actually a really good idea, and fits nicely with the recent reading and stuff I've been doing. Good thinking Batman!

Manj said...

What type of massage are you thinking of getting? I've bought a voucher which entitles me to either a deep tissue massage or a sports massage which I'll be using a few days before the marathon too. I'm not sure of the difference between them though...

Regarding stretching, any particular recommendations on that front. I'm awful at stretching!

Oh, and hooray for sunny days! :)