Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Loathsome sloth or wise Mandarin?

Yesterday was indeed normal. Generally.

My legs felt significantly improved yesterday. Still a tiny bit stiff, sore and fatigued but really not too bad. That got me considering doing the scheduled 6 mile run as an exploratory jog round the kitchen and later across a road seemed fine. I just wasn't sure though. On the one hand I felt I could do a steady short run like that and it would feel good not to skip another run; but on the other I feared that a run now might risk scuppering the recovery and limiting my ability at Wednesday's intervals. Add into the mix that by mid afternoon I had begun to feel really tired, probably a delayed effect of Sunday's efforts.

I didn't run.

That made the dieting/nutrition side a little more difficult, but by the middle of the evening I was only a little over the target I'd set myself for the day despite not having the addition of exercise calories. The target meant a bit of calorie restriction but I made sure that protein intake was still high so as not to hinder muscle repair.

My one slip up came at about 9pm. As I felt pooped, I'd laid on the bed whilst reading the Runners World forum and listening to Super Leeds United's win at Preston. At one point I opened the bedside draw to put a pen away and discovered...

...a Snickers bar.

Ah well. At least it can tempt me no more.

Overall: the glass still looks half full to me.


Maria said...

It is hard to know sometimes when to run, but as you have a hard session today I would think that it was the sensible thing to do.

~Jessica~ said...

Eh, don't beat yourself up over a Snickers.

I can't moderate my intake even when I am running: when I'm injured or sick I always end up eating exactly the same and having even more surplus calories!

You have more willpower than you give yourself credit for.

Manj said...

Ha ha..shows you're human. I kind of have my doubts sometimes... :)

Running Rob said...

Maria, Jess - thanks.

Manj - Pot, kettle, black!

Alison said...

I think you were right to skip the run -- at this point you have put most of the really tough training in, and you want to err on the right side of injury. And I call the Snickers bar just a wee bit of extra refuelling after a tough weekend :)