Saturday, 19 March 2011

Friday tempo

I want tomorrow's run to be a bit of a Paris dress rehearsal - similar kit, more gels, similar time on my feet etc. As part of that I tried my hand at carb loading today. I suspect I got to about 450g of carbs (some 150g short) but will have gone a good 1500 - 2000kcals above maintenance. Needs a bit of fine tuning I think.

Anyway, yesterday's tempo run went pretty well.

Plan called for 2 miles warm up, 8 miles at 7:30 pace then 2 miles cool down and the results were:

  1. 8:29
  2. 8:15
  3. 7:38
  4. 7:27
  5. 7:27
  6. 7:25
  7. 7:34
  8. 7:32
  9. 7:30
  10. 7:20
  11. 9:08
  12. 8:57

That meant the middle 8 came out bang on the money really at 7:29. Pleased enough with that.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.


Maria said...

Nice work on the tempo run and good luck for tomorrow

~Jessica~ said...

Nice tempo! I was happy with my 6 miles around 7:40/mile as part of an 11.5 on Friday, but your splits are brilliant. That must encourage you for Paris, surely?

Have a good one tomorrow :)

Alison said...

Really great run! I am awaiting today's post with anticipation now...

With the carb loading, I think you have to expect to go significantly over calories if it's a dress rehearsal for Paris. Though maybe if you avoid fat then you can keep it lower. What are you eating?

Running Rob said...

Might be easier to list what I didn't eat...but it was pasta, brown bread, biscuits, snack crisps, noodles, energy drink, Star Bar, bag of fruit jellies, Bolognese sauce, cereal, skimmed milk...