Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One down three to go

Ten miles completed last night but not with the club. I got in later than expected from a meeting so didn't feel a compulsion to work at home and instead opted to take advantage of the last of the daylight and to run immediately Did 10 miles at 8:17 pace with a bit of groin pain after but nothing terrible.

Diet wise it was a pretty good day, little more to say than that!

Into the last 25 days pre-Paris now and that means I'm spending a lot of time deliberating. That can be a curse or a blessing. As I drove to/from yesterday's meeting I mapped out what I planned to o for the last 3 weeks (which was good), but then last night my head was spinning and I couldn't get to sleep (which wasn't).

Plan/themes are:

Continuing a policy of 'flexible restriction' over the next 2.5 weeks, i.e. I'll aim for a deficit but at the first sign of fatigue or hunger I'll eat more. After that its maintaining for a few days with some element of carb depletion and then serious carb loading for the last 3 days.

Its a fairly heavy week this week including 22 miles on Sunday. Next week cranks up again during the week and finishes with 16 miles (12 at MP). Then its taper time, with the last week just having 3 runs totalling about 14 miles pre-marathon. So, will make the most of the next 10 days and also finalise clothing/fuelling in these last runs.

Will do the core stability programme 3 times a week with odd extras each day (groin allowing) for the next 2.5 weeks. In the last week will only do it once.

Full routine 3 times a week after strengthening but daily calf stretching too, as well as basic stretching after each run. Aim is part to reduce knots/trigger points but also part to improve efficiency a fraction through making agonists more readily elastic. Also using massage stick lightly each day until the marathon.

Intervals session today. Only decision is whether to do them inside or out. We shall see.


Laura said...

Enjoy your intervals today. The plan sounds like a good'un I bet your excited. I've been looking at half marathons abroad since reading your Paris preparation.. I'm thinnking Amsterdam!

Running Rob said...

Watch out for the hills....

~Jessica~ said...

Lol at the Amsterdam hill irony :)

You are indeed a man with a plan. Hope nothing occurs to throw a spanner in the works, but even if it does you've already proven that you're capable of bouncing back from anything.

Thanks so much for your comment: always helps me a lot to hear a guy's perspective (I know I've said this before but it's really significant for me because I don't have any input aside from the guys at the gym that I can never tell when they're being serious and when they're joking around...their nickname for me for example is 'pie' as in 'who ate all the...' but I have no idea whether it's meant to be ironic or not) You might not have experience in the area per se, but you made some really important points. I just hope I can get enough self-control back for them to sink in!

rose said...

I can sympathise with the thinking too much thing as I'm exactly the same!

From what I've read though it seems that this just makes you a 'normal' marathoner!

Enjoy your intervals, it's gorgeous here so it would definitely be outside if you were here but I've no idea if it is there!


Alison said...

Haha, I am the QUEEN of overthinking, so you have my sympathies. Trust the plan, trust the plan.

And is this your first 22 miler? I forget...

Running Rob said...

Nope, I did 22.1 miles the Sunday before last. :)

Maria said...

Sounds like a very sensible plan indeed to listen to your body for hunger etc.
I am interested to see how the next few weeks go for you- give me an idea of things to come :)