Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Weight of Expectation

Only two days to go until the moment of truth - I'll weigh myself!

I'm quite excited about it but have no real idea what to expect mainly because I have no start point to compare with. I know I was 11st 11lbs in late July and I know I gained after that but I don't know how much - could have been 12st 4lb, could have been 12st 10lb. I'm fairly sure I have lost weight though - my clothes, the mirror and energy levels tell me that.

I'm not even sure what I hope I'll see. On the one hand it would be great to be close to the late July weight - it would vindicate the recent changes in approach and be encouragingly in sight of goal - but there's also part of me that would like the weight to still be 2-3lbs over 12st as that would make Sunday's race time all the more impressive and so give greater promise of future improvement; although I suppose that would raise questions over the effectiveness of the changes I've made at least in terms of weight loss if not mental well being!

I'll carry on with the current approach whatever the numbers though. Sure, there have been times when I've gone overboard but I'm certain they'd have happened anyway. Most importantly though, dropping the rate of loss has made it easier to stick to target, I'm less obsessive about calories in/out and feel under far less pressure and the latter has (rather ironically as its counter to my views on my motivation and personality) made it easier to stick with things or get back on the horse.

After Friday's weigh in I won't weigh again until the 1st November and at that point I'll have a very clear idea of effectiveness in terms of loss in the previous 31 days.

In other news...

...did 7.1 miles with the running club last night. Hilly and sometimes rather brisk my legs certainly felt tired from the outset. Not sure yet if I'll run again today.


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

That's a *double* pun. I like it!

Note the number down with detached interest. This is just one variable in many, and none of them are the key.

Nice 7 miles. You're definitely sounding fit: head and legs ;)

Running Rob said... mention my legs. I've just been looking at a couple of pictures from Sunday. I have legs like the trunks of giant redwoods.

You're right about the weight/number though - I'm very curious but won't be attaching any great significance.

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