Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The last week

While working long days on Monday and Tuesday, and doing a lot of driving, I was predictably thinking a lot about running, diet and fitness and a couple of blog subjects came to mind, most notably something on mileage and something on my evolving outlook.

However, I'll have to save them as I haven't given any sort of update to what I've been doing (or how I've been doing) for over a week so maybe I'd best do that first?

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. Definitely feel more lithe, more svelte, more energetic, more purposeful, less sluggish, less painful.

Yet the last week didn't start perfectly as on Wednesday I once again ate rubbish through the evening but I've been able to draw a line under that and have been fine since.

Thursday - stayed on track diet wise and did 6.6 hilly miles at 8:04 a mile.

Friday - another on track day and 5.5 hilly miles at 8:14 a mile.

Saturday - marshaled at a local race, stuck to diet (despite being home alone with the family away) and ran a mile or so after marshaling.

Sunday - marshaling again but did 9 miles before that at 8:15 a mile, and within kcals once more (another good weekend).

Monday - Busy day work wise but stuck to kcals again, with the only exercise being a very good Pilates class first thing.

Tuesday - Away again but once more within kcals and did 5.7 miles with the running club at 8:14 overall, but with the final 2.5 (uphill) miles at about 7:45.

Plan for the next few days is to run gently with Kirkstall tonight, run again tomorrow for just 4 miles (opening uphill miles of Sunday's race), Pilates on both days, massage on legs tomorrow evening, Pilates/massage Friday, rest on Saturday OR 2 miles with strides, race Sunday. Job done!


Laura said...

Sounds like you've been getting some great runs in, especially Tuesdays with those hilly miles at 7.45. I'd love to go that fast!

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

Good weekend - esp. with the fam being away. It definitely seems like you're finding an even keel..

I've also just clocked the 3.30 goal. Out of interest, what do you need for a BQ in your age group, do you know? Is that still something you might aim for in the next couple of years?

Running Rob said...

Its 3:20 at the moment so I'd need to achieve then hold 3:30 for another 4 years!

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

What do you mean "achieve then hold"? That is not the attitude I was expecting!

Though you know, if I was going to run a North American marathon, I wouldn't necessarily pick Boston anyway (even if I could, I mean!). New York, probably..