Thursday, 16 September 2010

I give you fair warning

I entered Paris marathon this morning and as its already less than 206 days to go I feel an urgent compulsion to produce a training plan. Trouble is there's little point in doing one for the traditional 16 weeks prior as I don't yet know the pace.

However, at the moment I'm a man with only the loosest of plans through to December so I'm going to pull together some ideas to create das uber plan by the end of the weekend (using a bit of pigeon German in connection with things like plans always makes them feel big, efficient and more than a little sinister).

It'll run for 10 weeks, it'll have colours, varied activities, races and even a weekly focus that will change every...well...every week actually. At least that's the plan, though whether I'll manage to fit all that into a 2D table I'm not sure. We shall see, but in any event I intend to reproduce it here and anally pore over it ad nauseum in the coming weeks. Proper geek porn.

You have been warned.


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

Das Uberplan! I am so excited!!

I love a good training plan. Like I even needed to say...

Running Rob said...

Ja Frauline.

Zoon I zink for you ze plan iz over.

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

Noooo, there's always a plan! I'm just not sure what it will look like yet. It's what I'm going to do the week after the marathon though.

I'm thinking of working on my mile and 5k times, which though not *entirely* compatible with a period of heavy weight training (for fat loss), shouldn't get in the way too much.

See, it's already germinating..

Fudgey said...

Go Rob.
I love creating training plans, once the Kilomathon is out the way I'll be starting to plan for the Edinburgh Marathon next May

Running Rob said...

Its good to lnow my obsessive disorder is shared!