Monday, 13 September 2010

State of Play

As I was running through the (notably autumnal) sunshine yesterday morning I reflected on the previous few days and thought it worth updating and recording.

First the good news:

  • I've ran 16 miles in the last 2 days and am starting to feel like a runner again.
  • I've comfortably got through a weekend in terms of staying within calories.
  • I have no obvious groin pain despite the mileage and running on consecutive days.
  • Dropping the rate of weight loss to 1.5lbs seems to really help.
And now the bad news:

  • I have my first race in less than 2 weeks and ran the course at 9:00 minute miles on Saturday, though I'd hoped to be able to drop that by 1:30 a mile for the race (and that didn't feel likely).
  • I feel sluggish when I run.

On the whole that's pretty good though isn't it?

In terms of the race and pace concerns I'll try and run in a more structured manner for the next 2 weeks and see where that gets me. I can't really do more, though its interesting that the Sunday 9.5 miles was done over 30s a mile quicker than Saturday's 6.4 and in terms of the mean average doesn't compare badly with LSRs from May - July when I felt I was running well.

The rate of loss change feels like it could be a master stroke.

It stems from the rejection of weighing. Previously I was very focused on weight changes and (almost invariably missed) target dates but as I don't know my weight I can't set specific target dates so going for the maximum loss doesn't feel so pressing. So, using that to give myself an extra 250kcals a day really eases the pressure especially on rest days where 1250 limit was very tough to stick to - even if I ate frugally through the day the evening could be too challenging and lead to feelings of failure and mini-binges.

It also reflects a thought I had about moving from loss to maintenance and how the closer the weight loss kcals are to maintenance the easier it must be. There's no question that the extra 250 makes it feel more 'normal' and less restrictive and I might even take this further and try to transition to maintenance with the last 4lb, taking 6 weeks by dropping the rate of loss to 1lb and then 0.5lb.

Good idea?

In other news...

I made an excellent minestrone soup on Saturday, saw a very good production of Billy Liar that evening, Leeds United came from 1-0 down to beat Swansea 2-1, Leeds Rhinos came from 14-0 down to beat Wigan 27-26 and we had a pleasant walk near Grassington and Linton yesterday.


Alison said...

From previous posts I think the biggest piece of news here is the weekend eating success? Boyaka!

You're bound to feel sluggish with the sporadic training and time off injured. You might not make the 10k goal, but you've got no choice but to keep working to get back to full fitness, so toil on you must.

Which makes me think you should take a similar approach to the running goals as you have done to the weight one maybe? Don't target a specific race, but work instead to a schedule that you know is manageable with you recovery, and will gradually and consistently improve your fitness and pace.

I know that flies in the face of your racing goals this season, but then when did anything ever go to plan!

runningcupcake said...

Well done on all the positives! As Alison said, maybe for your race you need an amazing goal time (super speedy), and a happy (more realistic) goal time? Then you wont be dissapointed if the speed is not as you are hoping for.

Laura said...

Sounds like everythings going pretty well, I can't add to the advice already given except to say try just have fun in the 10k and who knows, you might just end up surprising yourself... Whilst I agree with the advice I've just said I'd totally struggle to follow it!

Running Rob said...

Thanks ladies!

I suspect I'll need to treat the next race as an indicator and just do my best - see where that leaves me - and possibly similar with the one after. That then leaves late November as a realistic one to go for a PB at!