Sunday, 19 September 2010

Das Uber Plan

I've yet to work out how to get this into the blog as a clearer image - sorry.

This is the first draft and I expect to adapt it over the coming weeks where necessary but the key features are:

  • Fairly static mileage of 26 -30 miles a week with only a 10% cutback every 4th week.
  • Pilates classes 3 times a week.
  • Tempo runs each Tuesday.
  • Easy runs on Wednesdays.
  • Either speedwork/hill training or easy runs on Thursdays.
  • LSR or race at the weekend.
  • Each week has a focus to concentrate on in terms of making my gait more efficient.
Hopefully this addresses the aims:

  • To maintain a steady base ahead of marathon training just about at week 1/16 level
  • To gradually re-introduce speed training
  • To enjoy races
  • To get a decent idea of fitness progress from 3 of the races
  • To strengthen my core
  • To improve running efficiency
  • To be used to 4 runs a week (so marathon training only adds one more)

At the moment there are no pace targets. Partly because I don't have a recent race to base them on as the lack of running and poor condition over the last 6 weeks means using Castle Douglas is a bit risky, but also because the speed/hill work fits with club training and Tuesday's tempo run is done with the club too.

The other missing element is weight training. The obvious place to slot that would be Friday or Saturday but I'll leave the day flexible. At present I'm only looking at one session a week and am open minded as to whether I should do upper and lower body - any thoughts on lower body weight training during a training plan welcome.


runningcupcake said...

I like the organisation of the training plan- appeals to my list-loving nature. I like the "running" and "other" catergory- did you make it yourself in word or is it from the net? I am thinking I could do myself one as I only tend to plan in my head and am not following a structured plan at the mo. But good stuff :) I like the target to enjoy races- after all, if we don't enjoy them, I am not sure of the point.

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

OMG, I was so excited by das Uberplan that I didn't even notice the redesign at first.

First impressions: I like the colour coding. On further examination, I like the thinking that underpins that!

The thing I love though are the aims. I think they show a real change in attitude that's gradually been developing through your injury. I don't know whether pilates 3 times a week might be too much (especially if you want to do weights as well?). I imagine that you'll want to see how that goes, and what kind of intensity it's at, before you work in some weight training?

FWIW though, my thoughts on lower body is that it could be substituted for a (hill / speed) run every 2nd week? A lot of marathon base programmes don't require speedwork anyway, and the legs work will build the strength you would gain through hills. I think in the base phase though the important thing is keeping yourself motivated and injury free. So whatever works best for you in view of that. For me, it was keeping the weights. But I only ran 3 times I week.

Like you say though, this is just a draft ;-)

Running Rob said...

Its a made up plan I pulled together in Excel.

I'm already challenging it though!

The mileage is pretty low, and that was deliberate as I've not ran high mileage this year, but I can't help but feel I ought to be topping 30 miles for a good few weeks before marathon training proper starts just before Christmas. I think though, that I'll play it be ear - if things are going well I'll up it.

Laura said...

Looks like a great and really focussed plan! I love making them in excel and colour coding them too (nerd I know!)!

Anonymous said...

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