Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Numbers down, Numbers up

Yesterday started with a nominal bonus - a first 'diet' weigh in on the scales.

Prior to carb loading I'd weighed 11st 9.6lb but after the loading for 3 days, several days of gluttony in Paris, followed by the same in Leeds and all accompanied by very little running I knew I'd have gained. I could see and feel it too. When I weighed on Monday I was 12st 4.0lb. After a day of dieting yesterday's number was 11st 12.8lb. Over 4lb in a day. Just goes to show the effects of a big meal the night before. That was pleasing mainly because it puts me on target to hit 11st by the start of Chester training. Another day on and another pound gone - again it will be false weight loss from water etc but happy that the numbers go that way.

This is mainly for Jess but, my theory on weight loss stems from an article that estimates a 1% change in body weight leads to a 1% change in speed. On that basis, with the weight loss I'd be 6% faster or 3:26 pace. I don't think its as cut and dried as that but it must help.

Last night I ran with the club for the first time in 6 months, running with the 'steady' group. That forced me to run at an easy pace but with lots of stops too in a just over 4.5 mile loop.

It was a run of contrasts. Beforehand my legs felt springy for the first time since Paris and during the run I felt easy but there was still a little calf tightness and looking at the Garmin afterwards tells me I was running slower than it felt. In the very last half a mile or so I let myself off the leash with a steep hill and then a slight long incline before 100m flat to the finish. Looking at the stats that was only just under 8 minute mile pace yet felt fairly tough - I'd have guessed at faster. Confirms the need for steady recovery I guess.

So, focus remains on gradual mileage increases but at recovery and then base pace. Though next week I do get to start running strides once a week. Happy days.


Maria said...

Your weigh in just goes to show that the scales can be easily affected by big meals etc. But as long as the overall trend is going in the right direction. The thing about the 1% weight is interesting- I suppose it makes sense as you are carrying something extra over all those miles so it is bound to slow you down.

~Jessica~ said...

Wow, those are some serious scale fluctuations. I've never had things swing that drastically myself, even when bingeing, but it just shows that you're capable of losing weight quickly and I'm sure you'll get down to that 11st goal.

I'm sorry if my comments about racing weight sounded huffy: I was just saying not to get overly hung up on it because I know that you're a humble guy that doesn't need a reason to doubt his (many) abilities. I have read that article too, and while I believe there's validity to it I was only suggesting not to automatically feel you'll be slower if you're a bit heavier than you want to be.

I hate those runs where you feel like you're in the zone and then the Garmin smugly tells you otherwise. But that's still a good pace, and you're recovering from such a tough run: I'm only just over a 16 mile race in mild heat, let alone what you went through in Paris!

Laura said...

I can't remember what I was going to comment anymore, Jess's comment about the garmin smugly telling you otherwise made me giggle too much... that's happened to me way too many times!