Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bit More Chilled

Stress is generally being replaced by a sense of excitement now.

Still not sleeping absolutely perfectly but I seem able to get to sleep easily enough and if/when I wake I can get back off in 20 minutes rather than an hour. Thanks for the ideas on that but I'm hoping it'll settle down fine now. I never struggle to sleep in hotels so not expecting any problems there.

Yesterday I confess I over ate. To be honest I just felt that I wanted to switch off, and that any last minute 'dieting' was an unnecessary distraction. Today its the first of two days of carb depletion, so omelette's, quorn and meat it will be. It won't be easy to overeat when carbs are pretty much excluded!

Had my massage last night, with no major problems found, just a bit of a knot on the outside of the left calf. Also had my back and shoulders done in case I was tense - apparently not - just some tightness in my lats on R/H side, now largely sorted.

Six miles to do later today and by then end of the evening I'd also like to have completed my packing.

Latest forecast for Paris is for it to be completely still and 23c. I'd rather that than the gales but would have preferred 10c, bright and with a slight breeze!


Alison said...

Ugh, good luck with the carb depletion. That does not sound fun!

Good news from the physio too :-) And fingers crossed for the weather!

~Jessica~ said...

Glad you're sounding more relaxed and at peace with the running and diet issues. As I've said all the long, you're the man with the plan and regardless of the Paris temps you're going to run a strong race.

Thanks for the recommendations re:audiobooks :) I love Midsomer Murders and they're supposed to be the contemporary version of Christie-esque books, so I think I'll have to download a couple. I'm always useless at guessing the killers though...

Maria said...

It is great that you sound so relaxed :)
Fingers crossed for the weather too :)