Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I think I better plan a modest meal for this evening

Another recovery run with the club chalked off with a nice low heart rate to boot. Looking to do something similar today, which will mark more or less the end of the first stage of post marathon recovery - where pace is limited. Then I have 2.5 weeks where I do strides once a week and do more mileage at base pace.

Triceps got progressively more sore yesterdy, and now into today, after Monday's weights. Only DOMS but definitely a 'welcome back' I could do without - will do next session tomorrow which otherwise will be a rest day. Well, apart from a little jog there and back.

Diet wise the good news is that yesterday was 90% there. That is I ate sensibly until just after 9pm when I got back from the running club and then entered a world of toast, butter, hot cross buns, 4 packets of crisps and lots of ice cream. Oops.

Onwards and upwards, onwards and upwards...


~Jessica~ said...

Onwards and upwards indeed: slowly I am trying to work on not dwelling on the past when it comes to similar episodes with my eating and instead bouncing back as soon as possible and putting the day (or days) behind me.

I'm so sorry I missed commenting on your last post but immensely flattered that you noticed my absence! Your comments always ground me a lot and bring me down to earth, while often giving me a good chuckle at the same time: you have a wicked sense of humour ;)


Alison said...

Someone bring me a hot cross bun!!!

The DOMS will be bad this first week but should ease off after that. And good news you're getting a grip on the HR training.

Running Rob said...

Nice to see my missing groupies ;)

Maria said...

Yum hot cross buns!
That is probably not helpful :)