Thursday, 28 April 2011

In the words of Emil Zatopek...

"Why should I practice how to run slow? I already know how to run slow."

That's a little bit like I feel at the moment. Not that I'm not enjoying the slow runs but just that it's beginning to feel normal to run at 9.00/9.20 pace and I wonder how I'll adapt to 10k running again.

On Tuesday evening I did feel a bit like a coiled spring as I reigned myself back, whereas yesterday my body seemed worryingly content to just plod along! Still, tomorrow's run is back to base pace with a few strides thrown in and from next week recovery runs will only be 2/5 per week. That's more like it. I've nothing against running at recovery pace - and its been a useful lesson to learn - but I'd like the variety back.

Surprisingly I still have some DOMS in triceps and a tiny bit in upper pecs. Will be going to the gym later and will do the weights again. I figure that it won't be as bad second time around, plus I'll drop the tricep dips for this session as the chest and shoulder press may well each give them a bit of work and that will be enough for today. Beyond that it's core and stretch time, and a jog there and back. Hoping that the glute mede plays ball a bit more today (though typing that has reminded me that I'd intended to dig out the resistance band to help me give a daily work out for them. Ah well, its the thought that counts.

My diet was good yesterday. Nothing more to say about that.

Off camping tomorrow, back Monday so will be absent for a few days but will get some walking in as well as the running.

Mercifully we'll be nowhere near a TV so we can successfully avoid the BBC's sycophantic coverage of the (to me) non-event that is the Royal Wedding. We managed to do the same last year for Inger-Land's predictable exit from the World Cup. I'm either a miserable sod or simply non-conformist when it comes to events that apparently we're all meant to get really excited about. Mind you, I have to confess I do think the villages bedecked with Union Flags do look very good - far classier than the St George's crosses (often with 'England' printed across them in case their knuckle dragging owners get confused) that greeted the world cup (or now identify households/pubs with BNP leanings).

I digress considerably, so will leave it there.


BabyWilt said...

Enjoy your camping trip, not my scene I have bad childhood camping memories!
PS like the new look blog

~Jessica~ said...

I'm too much of a girly wimp for camping: bugs and mud make me squeal.

I love that quote, although I've never heard it may become my mantra (along with 'pain is just an emotion' but perhaps I listen to that one too much).

Yep, 'non-entity' would be my description of the Royal Wedding too, but I suppose it's making people happy, and who am I to rain on their parade? Then again being cynical I think it's a convenient distraction from all of the cuts and hikes in fees that are going on now. The St George flag makes me cringe a little, which it shouldn't, but it's been appropriated by far too many right wing groups for me not to want to burn it every time I see one. How unpatriotic of me.

Laura said...

Unfortunately I'm at work where the wedding will be being played for the residents.. I had to endure hours of news footage on it today, yawn yawn, I just don't care!