Sunday, 20 February 2011

Who's the daddy?

OK, I've used that title before but it became an occasional mantra for me during today's long run.

More on that later, first I'll recount yesterday's day of cooking.

Yesterday morning Charlotte declared that she didn't want to go to gymnastics or swimming, and, as there was 4-5" of snow on the ground I didn't try to hard to dissuade her from that position. That meant no trip to the gym and no core work but it did leave the day free to cook.

First on my list was to mince some beef and make a quick Bolognese sauce to have for tea; second was to chop up some shin and veg for the pie filling and get that simmering. Savouries done, I moved on to the baking and the ANZAC biscuits.

They proved only a partial success. Despite checking and double checking weights and measures the mixture turned out slightly runnier than expected meaning the biscuits spread far more thinly than I wanted, throwing the cooking time as well as making them run into one another when in the oven. I got the three trays out a few minutes early but found only one lot usable. The ones on the older trays, despite a liberal greasing, were stuck firm; but the ones on the new tray came away easily and created some very pleasant thin biscuits (once cooled and broken).

Slightly frustrated at that I did an impromptu batch of mini chocolate chip buns. They were rather good. The others must have agreed as they were all gone in 24hrs.

Spent the rest of the day deliberately grazing on buns, biscuits, bread and spaghetti Bolognese as an ad hoc attempt at carb loading ahead of today's run.

The plan called for 18 miles but as I'd done 18.27 a couple of weeks ago I decided to go for 20, but then part way through decided to round that up to 21 as I felt pretty good.

Mile splits were:

  1. 8.48
  2. 8.51
  3. 8.21
  4. 8.31
  5. 8.32
  6. 8.23
  7. 8.31
  8. 8.27
  9. 8.11
  10. 8.28
  11. 8.15
  12. 8.17
  13. 8.13
  14. 7.57
  15. 7.59
  16. 8.05
  17. 8.01
  18. 8.00
  19. 8.01
  20. 8.20
  21. 7.23

I felt good at half way and opted to speed up a little as I normally do but miles 14 and 15, helped by a short descent at locks in each mile, came in more or less spot on marathon pace so I decided to try and run the remainder at that 8.00 mile pace as a test. Managed it OK, albeit with a faster last mile to make up for the penultimate mile being slowed by a couple of longish steep climbs.

Very pleased with that. Significantly negative splits; 8.16 overall and last 8 miles at 7.57 pace.

Despite the ice bath, ibuprofen and adoption of compression wear my legs do feel a bit sore and tired so suspect there could be a couple of days worth of DOMS to come, but nothing too terrible.

For the remainder of the day I will be eating pie and peas, after which there are rumours of jam sponge pudding and custard. Happy days.


Maria said...

Nice work on the run- yet again! You need to remember how well it went for the future. Enjoy the peas, pies etc :)
PS no idea on the ANZAc biscuits- I have never made them- maybe a tad more flour next time to make the dough hold together better? Who knows

Running Rob said...

You may be right Maria. Its from a Mary Berry recipe and I find her cake recipies faultless but the two lots of biscuits I've done have both resulted in a mixture that's too loose.

~Jessica~ said...

My Mum worships Mary Berry ~ she's had one book of hers for years (it's held together with parcel tape) and never had a recipe 'fail' with it, but I don't think she's ever done a biscuit recipe! People go so crazy for the cakes and she loves to bake for people, so I suppose she never got round to biscuits :P

Blistering pace in those last few miles: right on target for the marathon, it seems!

Glad the snow didn't mess with your long run.

BabyWilt said...

Only because I have first hand experience in this ..... were all your ingredients in date???
and crushed peas ... yes it was the obvious :-)

tam said...

Yay well done you! The pudding sounds delish and is well deserved!

Laura said...

Nice run, great negative splits!

Alison said...

Fucking amazing splits! Who cares about the kitchen stuff after that!! :D