Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Active recovery

Buoyed by my legs not feeling as bad as I'd feared but retaining some fear that the stiffness could get worse for Tuesday (when 9 miles was on the plan) I decided to modify the plan for Monday.

Monday is normally rest day, with nothing more strenuous than a 10 minute stroll, but yesterday I decided a good stretch would be beneficial. Trouble is we have no heating on at home so its very cold and neither appealing nor conducive to stretching sessions (to give an idea of how cold last night I slept with trolleys, jogging pants, t-shirt, jumper, socks and hoody on). So, I decided to head to the gym early evening, do 20 minutes very easy on the cross trainer just to get a bit of blood flowing, stretch, swim and sit in the jacuzzi.

Managed all that, though the swim was limited to only 4 lengths, and legs felt looser though marginally more sore afterwards.

Today my calves still feel slightly sore/fatigued but nothing major so will complete the planned 9 miles later, albeit possibly at a slow pace. I'll play that by ear.

Diet also went well yesterday, helped by the couple of hundred extra kcals from the exercise. I did go over by around 100 but not concerned by that at all.

14/02 171.8 lbs 18.5% BF

21/02 170.0 lbs 18.2% BF
22/02 167.6 lbs 17.4% BF

Starting to head back to last week but may take another day or so. All good though.


Manj said...


You're doing really well with the weight loss Rob, good on you and I bet its really going to pay off on "Marathon Day" :)

I'm finally admitting that my diet is sabotaging my weight loss and marathon training doesn't mean that I have permission to eat/drink whatever I want. Unfortunately mood swings dictate my self control..

Laura said...

Sounds like a good gym session! I can't bear stripping down into workout gear when the house is cold, it's the hardest thing ever haha

Maria said...

Oh dear it must be freezing- poor you. I hate changing into workout clothes when I am cold- makes it seem worse. Good to hear you are listening to your body and doing what it needs.

~Jessica~ said...

That's really interesting about your weight increasing post long-run and then dropping so rapidly again. I never considered the effect muscles retaining water might have.

After 20 miles I think you need to remove the 'only' from your four lengths! Four lengths after such a speedy 20-miler is more than enough I reckon. Really hope you enjoyed the jacuzzi too: I love a good sauna the day after a long run.

Massive thank you for your perspective on those lads: I'm still grinning about your comment!


BabyWilt said...

Yeah, uuumm what are trolleys??

Running Rob said...

Trolleys = underpants