Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Action replay (don't read if eating)

Last Tuesday morning I woke at 2am with really bad stomach pains.

At just after midnight this morning I woke with the same. The difference this time was that within an hour I was vomiting severely and water was going into mouth and squirting out of backside in a minute. Frequently I wasn't sure which end to hover over the toilet. Water is still going straight through but haven't been sick since about 5am.

Really, really nasty. Went down a flight of stairs to see if we had any Dioralyte a little while ago and needed to get on all fours to get back up. Still got stomach pains and feel rotten.

At the very least that will put paid to any running today and tomorrow and might need me to tread very carefully after that for a few days.

Might be a bug that's been breeding for a week but feels more like a poisoning. Had a prawn sandwich (from Marksies) yesterday but other than that had eaten the same as the others. Only other thing I can think of is the energy gels I've used the last 2 Sundays - they were use by October last year but were sealed and mainly sugar so I assume(d) OK, but its a coincidence that I had the pain same time last week after 2 gels and pain and sickness/diarrhoea this week after 3. Not sure, have had some degree of diarrhoea each morning for about 10 days.

Sorry if this has been a bit graphic but at least typing it has taken my mind off for a few minutes. Being home alone ill is horrible.


FatToLean said...

A week past Saturday I had an indian and ended up in a similar situation. I have been trying to get my littlun to do a sh*te on the loo for weeks but he'll only cr*p in the potty. Well I tell you what...I was glad of that potty cos like you it was both ends. Hope you're not too drained by it all!

BabyWilt said...

Totally unpleasant to have, I hope you get it out your system quickly. Laraxx

~Jessica~ said...

I'm so sorry you're unwell: sounds like a miserable time for you and even though it's a bit childish I'll send you an online *hug* anyway.

It's perfectly okay to feel a bit sorry for yourself when you're so severely ill. It does sound a lot like food poisoning to me, although I never, ever go near those gels as I've heard some real horror stories about them from my running compatriots at the gym. They tend to go for home-made, natural gels. There are some recipes for them on http://ohsheglows.com I think?

Anyway, rest up and get well soon.

Maria said...

Oh dear that is awful, poor you. Rest and liquids (if they stay down) is all you should be doing.

Rose said...

Oh yeuck, you poor thing. Definitely don't even think about running until you've had at least 2 days of being back to a normal eating pattern.

It does sound rather as though the gels could be the culprit. Hopefully though that will mean that once they are gone then you will feel better. Throw the rest of them away.....now!!!!!!