Saturday, 19 February 2011

Feeling up tempo

Yes, that's right another tedious word pun as yesterday was tempo run day.

Objective was a warm up jog for 1.5 miles, 5.5 miles at 7.30 pace then another 1.5 mile jog to cool down. Results were:

1.5 miles @ 9.50
Mile 1 @ 7.33
Mile 2@ 7.33
Mile 3 @ 7.26
Mile 4 @ 7.23
Mile 5 @ 7.25
Mile 5.5 @ 7.27
1.5 miles @ 9.15

Average for tempo element 7.28.

I'm pleased with that, mainly because after the first mile (which was all over the place pace wise) I managed to get a good feel for the required pace and stick to it. The only variation in pace from mile to mile largely being down to whether I went up a couple of rises of canal locks or down them.

Diet was good again, largely down to the number of extra kcals from the exercise making it easy for me to relax on a Friday evening (with jaffa cakes and rich tea biscuits) yet still stay within target.

Been 2-3 inches of snow here overnight and its forecast to continue until dinner time. Hope that clears ahead of tomorrow's 20 miles.

Plan for today is to make some Bolognaise sauce shortly (so I can carb load tonight) then make ANZAC biscuits before making another pie filling or two for the ideal post long run meal tomorrow: pie and peas. This afternoon its the gym for core work and cross trainer before a light swim.

Scales are still being kind:

14/02 171.8lb 18.5% BF
15/02 169.0lb 17.7% BF
16/02 169.4lb 17.7% BF
17/02 167.4lb 17.2% BF
18/02 167.2lb 17.1% BF
19/02 166.0lb 17.0% BF

Weight loss great - typical first week I suppose - but yesterday's loss appears to be less fat but whilst I'll take note of individual results its the trends I'm really interested in, and the trend is good.

Have a great weekend!


Alison said...

Nice work on the weightloss. Maybe your goal is close enough now for you to be able to keep it in focus?

And glad you're back to feeling paces better after the time off. Good effort that, 7:28m/m!

~Jessica~ said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the snow buggers off for you ~ terrible timing that it might coincide with your 20 miles. From a selfish point of view, I have a meagre 13.1 for tomorrow and we've had sleet here already...hoping that's the worst of it.

Cracking tempo and awesome weight loss.

Maria said...

Great work on the tempo run (and I am a fan of the puns!)

Running Rob said...

Just stopped snowing (literally just) and its 1.05pm. Must be about 4 inches. Hopefully it'll largely go but if not then I may have to drop the pace slightly and stick some fell shoes on!

Alison - yes - I think target is tangible now as is the deadline. I think they'll keep me focussed. No question.