Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Waiting Game

Not a huge amount to 'report' from yesterday, at least not on the running front as it was the week's rest day so no exercise, which helped me get rid of the slight leg stiffness that I felt yesterday morning.

It wasn't a great day nutritionally though.

We'd planned to have a makeshift tea of southern style quorn burgers, oven chips and peas - a thriller if ever there were one - but I found a Madras curry paste that had just gone out of date and hurriedly made a curry. That left the option of sticking to plan or going with the curry which, in itself, was fine, a little higher in calories but all quite accountable. The problem was one of timing.

Sue used to get home around 4.45 - 4.55 each day but on the odd occasion this would be 5.15 - 5.30. For the last few weeks its been 5.20 - 5.40 pretty much every day. That might not sound like much but its something I struggle to adapt to.

Let me explain.

On a day like yesterday I'm working and cooking in the kitchen from about 4.15pm, so I'm near food. By this time of day I'm starting to get hungry. I won't start cooking our tea until Sue gets home as otherwise there's a danger the food will be cooked and burned long before she's home. From 4.45 the kids are desperate for their tea so I need to get them something quickly. Hungry, surrounded by food, while its cold and dark outside, not knowing when I'll be having my meal, my resolve begins to weaken.

I'll have just a slice of bread and spread or a couple of crackers, then I'll end up eating any leftovers from the kids tea (not off the plate - anything left in the pan), then, if Sue calls to say she's 'just setting off' at 4.45 I know it'll be at least another 45 minutes until the oven can go on so I pick some more. By the time we have tea I'm not hugely hungry as I've spent an hour grazing but eat it anyway. Then, having already eaten too much, I'll have a couple of slices (or more) of toast and/or a couple of biscuits later on. As much of it is 'mindless eating' and unmeasured, I can't remember what I've had to log it on WLR. Guess is that yesterday I went a fraction over maintenance. Not terrible but not on track either.

Its just a situation I struggle to deal with. I have some success if I stay working upstairs - but that doesn't feed the kids - or if I get myself something to pick at like a small bowl of edamame beans, and head for the living room rather than kitchen. I think its the waiting and uncertainty.

Sue suggests I eat with the kids but I like us to eat together, besides which we often don't eat what the kids eat - yesterday, for example, they had leftover biryani - which might mean putting the oven on twice for us to eat the same meal separately, which seems a waste of money to me.

Any ideas?

Today's results reflect yesterday but I don't think there's much long term damage:

14/02 171.8lb 18.5% BF
15/02 169.0lb 17.7% BF
16/02 169.4lb 17.7% BF

(Thanks for the suggestions yesterday but there doesn't seem to be a paste function on here - if I right click its greyed out?).


Alison said...

Can you deal with the uncertainty by having a set meal time with Sue, late enough so that she's guaranteed to make it each day. Say, 6:30? I agree that a lack of a routine is a problem in situations like this, and it sounds like if you can deal with that by imposing some structure, that would help.

Also, while I don't think this is a long term strategy, can you stave off the munchies around the kids tea time by drinking loads of tea or something? It sounds like once you start eating, the flood gates open. So for now it might be better just not to even begin? Instead, fill up on (relatively low cal) liquid. Fizzy water is also a good one, as its gassy. Plus it'll help you with this recurring hydration problem!

Can't help with the right clicking problem as I'm on a Mac

~Jessica~ said...

Hmm, that is indeed a tough one. I struggle with adjustments to my routine too, but that's generally due to anxiety rather than from a practical perspective. And don't be so self-critical: anyone would pick at things when they're starving hungry!

It's also brought home to me how horribly late I eat my evening meal! I don't usually get my dinner until between 8-9pm...terrible habit!

Why not plan in an extra snack and then perhaps take a smaller portion of dinner? If you have a planned, measured snack then perhaps mindless eating wouldn't creep in so badly? I second Alison's advice though, although be careful with the fizzy water if you've got a jippy tum: it usually makes mine worse!

Sadly I am inept when it comes to technology so I can't solve any woes in that respect.

BabyWilt said...

You could very easily be describing a day in my life there. I used to (and occasionally still do) struggle cooking the kids meal and then have to wait sometimes until 9pm for my dinner. But circumstances changed and we started addressing out late dinner habits, brought our dinner forwards to 19:30 latest and I would account for a cuppa coffee or tea with a snack (apple & nuts / Nakd bar / rich tea biscuits).
Now I eat 5 meals a day it has helped loads with that kids dinner time debacle.

Maria said...

Can you do control V instead of right clicking for the paste? That sometimes works?
As for the meals, not sure to be honest. Can you plan a snack (as others have said)? Or can you give the kids a snack eg fruit/ crackers/carrots and then they could eat with you both a bit later? Or do you try chewing gum or cleaning your teeth? The minty taste can put you off eating - so brush your teeth before you get the kids dinner ready?
PS I was not on the doctors desk but your comment made me laugh :)