Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Habitual reinforcement

When I don't track and log what I eat I tend to eat too much. When I do track I rarely over indulge or at least don't go over by much. Part of that is down to seeing and assessing the numbers but at least as much is down to the frame of mind that the habit creates.

Logging what I've eaten (or how I've ran for that matter) keeps me focused with the outlook of achieving my objectives. Not logging food makes me feel I can eat what I want and it almost won't matter - a sort of make hay while the sun shines approach. With running if I'm not working to a plan, however vague and flexible, its easy to skip a run because of the weather, time, lethargy.

Its a similar case with the use of diet/fitness/running message boards or blogging. When I go off the rails temporarily I don't do either but as soon as I get back on track I do both, arguably to excess, in a bid to reinforce my newly re-focused mindset.

So, bearing that in mind I'm going to try to blog more regularly. The more I have to 'report in', the more disciplined I should be in making sure I have something positive to report!

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