Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Great trip to the gym

Yesterday I had to haul myself to the gym. Had it been a month earlier and dark I probably wouldn't have managed it but the early evening sunshine coupled with a realisation that eating earlier in the day had left me with only 15 calories for the evening meant I made my way there.

It proved to be one of those really good sessions where once you get going you really feel up for pushing yourself hard so I did two tough 20 minute cross trainer sessions sandwiching an intense almost all out 8 minutes (2112m 'Henley' challenge on the Concept2) rowing.

Normally I go to the gym either first thing on a morning at the weekend or during a dinner break during the day about once a week. Going in the evening was fairly new to me but provided a couple of benefits.

Firstly I found it more motivating. At the times I'd normally go the gym is pretty quiet and there's a bias amongst attendees towards older exercisers. There are people in their 20s/30s but they are the minority. Last night not only were over half the cardio machines in use but (whilst there was still a range of ages) the bias was clearly towards those in their 20s/30s. That gave the place a real buzz - as well as giving some pleasant sights to look at!

Secondly, getting back after 7pm helped with controlling food intake. Exercising in the evening means I eat more food earlier in the day and then when I get back I have a recovery shake (NOT a euphemism!) then don't fancy a whole lot more beyond a small sandwich. I'd found similar things when doing evening runs with Abbey & Kirkstall so this could be a new approach I'll take from now on.

Today I'll do the physio exercises and some weights then tonight its a club run.

Finally, the scales yesterday said I'd put on 4.6lb in the 10 days I had off. I predicted this would largely be 'food in transit' and lo and behold 3.6lb of that had disappeared by this morning.

Very pleased!

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