Sunday, 25 April 2010

The last few days

Wednesday provided a pretty solid trip to the gym but Thursday, just like last week, proved a poor run. I couldn't get into any sort of rhythm and everything felt hard work. I cut the planned 6 miles down to 5 as a result.

However, I did get out for another 2 that evening with Bethan as she'd started running again the day before (so I had a 2 mile jog as my pre-gym warm up), and considering her time off is doing really well.

Friday was 10k row day and I broke my record again, and by some way, but was still annoyed to have missed going under 41 minutes by 4.7 seconds!

Saturday was the highlight though. Off out early in the morning sunshine for 7.5 miles along the canal. Just like the equivalent run last week I stopped after a mile to do some dynamic stretching. Whereas Thursday I couldn't maintain any sort of running rhythm, on Saturday it was the opposite, with the run itself coming in 7s a mile faster than the previous week and the last mile and a half being done at 10k pace. It felt really good and, once again, pain free afterwards after engaging lower abs throughout (something I also failed with on Thursday).

Food/weight wise its been ok. Last night I had a mini-binge on Burgens linseed bread, but that aside had been doing very well and the weigh in this week had me 1.4lb lower than last week despite the over indulgences of last weekend. Happy with that.

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