Monday, 12 April 2010

And another thing

I forgot to mention that in my quest to become ever more anal and geeky about health and fitness I bought a blood pressure monitor last week, so it gives me something else to keep geeky records of.

Its actually slightly more serious than that. My parents have been on drugs for high blood pressure for most of their adult lives and my eldest brother has been on them for a couple of years. Personally, I've had the odd 'high' reading but generally have been a 'high normal' for the most part.

It looks like its the same now. I've done 4 readings so far and whilst they've varied (with this morning's first day back at work unsurprisingly being the highest) they've all been in the upper normal range.

Of more immediate interest is the heart rate. That's recorded each time as either 47 or 48 beats per minute which for my age gives me a lower resting heart rate than the top 'athlete' category in resting heart rate classification charts. I've probably got a low resting heart rate generally but even so I'm pleased that that seems to show my general fitness is pretty damn good!

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